What to do with Prescott Sunday Night vs. Vikings

Dak is a game time decision Sunday Night. Do you roster his back up Cooper Rush who has completed one pass since 2017, or if available in your league Kirk Cousins or Daniel Jones just in case?

Or, do you choose a player from the main slate that’s available and bench Prescott?

I have Burrow on the bench so I just decided to bench Prescott because even if he does play I worry he wont be as effective due to his injury.


Cooper Rush? No.

Daniel Jones? Any time. He probably has his best matchup of the season ahead of him. I just made the bold prediction that he will finish as the #2 QB this week. While that certainly is a best case scenario, I can still easily see him being a top 10 QB this week. And that’s not even a bold prediction, seeing that ECR has him at QB12, with both Kyler Murray and Aaron Rodgers ranked higher (and neither of them put up big numbers on TNF).

There are not many QBs I would start over Danny Dimes this week. Mahomes and Josh Allen, and maybe Tom Brady. But other than that?

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Agreed on Cooper Rush. Jones is a great pivot if he’s available but he’s rostered 46.7% of ESPN leagues. I’m not quite as bullish on him as you are @ZakHH . His matchup with the Chiefs is a good one, but I’m concerned about the status of the running game and banged up receivers. In addition to the QBs you listed, I’d start Stafford, Hurts, Herbert and Burrow over Jones this week. Jones could definitely finish in the top ten this week however.

I decided on Geno Smith off my waiver wire. His matchup against JAX is too sweet to overlook. And this was in a superflex redraft league. This was a week when I have Derek Carr and Lamar Jackson on my bench due to bye weeks.

My problem is what if Dak doesn’t play? I have him in my superflex position for now, and I can only hope for clarity before the 4:25 pm games. Then I can start Antonio Gibson and get something for that position.

Shoot me now.

The Chiefs defense is terrible. I’d still bet on them winning the game, but it will be a shoot-out. I expect both teams to score 30+ points. It will be a feast for fantasy managers.

Herbert, probably. Hurts, maybe - he is a terrible QB, but certainly works for fantasy purposes, as long as the Eagles don’t bench him and revive Minshew Mania.

Stafford and Burrow come with a rock solid floor, but a limited ceiling this week. Both play against 1 of the 2 weakest NFL teams. Chances are the games will be closed out before halftime, so both teams could do a lot of work on the ground. Which limits the fantasy production of these 2 high-volume passing QBs.

Both teams are clear playoff candidates, so they will take it easy as long as the game is safe. I expect both backup RBs (Perine, Michel) to see some work today, and wouldn’t be surprised to even see the backup QBs getting some snaps in Q4.

Things are looking grim - he plans to go through regular pre-game warm-ups and only then decide if he’s fit to play.

That’s a nightmare for fantasy managers, also those who intend to start Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb and Dalton Schultz.

I have the Amari problem. He’s a shaky starter anyway, due to his yo-yo production. If I keep him in my FLEX spot, the only alternative I have on the bench is Mecole Hardman. Who has a good matchup, but constantly fails to capitalize on them.

For the moment, I’m leaning towards benching Amari and starting Michael Carter in his stead.

In my other league, I have Dalton Schultz, but can easily replace him with Pat Freiermuth, who should have a very solid game ahead, with Ebron out for the game.

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PPR - I will play Hurts and bench Prescott.

I have CeeDee Lamb and Damien Harris. I’m still playing Lamb over Harris unless someone here talks me out of it.

Harris is rock solid. I’d start him over Lamb, unless Dak is confirmed to start before the Patriots game kicks off.

I started Michael Carter over Amari Cooper, and love the decision already. 10.7 half PPR points in the first drive already.

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Genius. :smiley:

Geno played well. Finished QB 8 with 22.6

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That was luck. It was a desperation move based on a bad defense. That doesn’t always work. This week it did.