New QB suggestion

Welp, started Fitz over Burrow and we all know how that went.

Cousins, Ryan, Lawrence or Heinicke for the pickup?

Cousins is mostly reliable
Ryan can be reliable
Larence is flashy but 3 INT’s didn’t help the cause
Heinicke WFT should have started him to begin with

Standard non PPR format.

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That’s important to remember when selecting a QB who doesn’t catch many passes.

Cousins was the QB3 in fantasy over the back half of 2020, and it doesn’t look like much has changed for him.

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Cousins is the safe option here but his ceiling is capped in that offense. The Jaguars are going to be bad (as indicated by their performance against HOU), so Lawrence should mop up a ton of garbage time fantasy production. Shades of Blake Bortles from a few years ago? I think so.

I like Cousins here.

Ryan can be good, but his o-line gave him little protection against the Eagles. That’s a bad go-forward sign.

The Jags are a mess. I might risk Lawrence in a keeper league, but he’s a waste in redraft. This is gonna be ugly.

Heinicke doesn’t offer the floor of Cousins, and I’m not sure he can match the upside either.