QB in the 8th round

I’m looking at Brady, Wilson or Burrow in the 8th (4 points per passing TD). I’m leaning Wilson because of his offensive upgrade with coaching and o-line and i’m concerend about regression with Burrow and Brady’s age and loss of center (although doubting Brady always seems to be stupid).

The Bengals play a decent Steelers’ defense (and Burrow got 47% of his fantasy points last year in 3 games), Brady is up against one of the best Ds in the league without that Center, and Wilson gets to play his old team on Monday night.

You might end up dropping him for someone else in Week 2 (when the Seahawks face the 49ers), but for Week 1, I’d draft Wilson.

Eh, who am I kidding. I wouldn’t draft a QB until the double digit rounds, and then I’d just draft Cousins or Carr and set and forget.

I’m a bit guns-shy about streaming in this league. All the teams took 2 qbs last season and 3 of them took 3. I was stuck mostly playing Tannehill and he killed me multiple times. However, Dameon Pierce is still available and will probably make it to me as is CEH, Hunt and Pollard. Already have Cooks, Kamara and just picked up Patterson.

If you can get Cousins or Carr in the 10th, you won’t have to stream.

Of the RBs you mentioned, you probly want either CEH or Hunt. I’m not sure that sixty percent of the Texans’ rushing yardage is particularly fantasy-attractive.

I would look at Dak here.

I enjoy when guys wait until the middle of the draft to start thinking about a starting qb. I draft my qb in the 4th. That way i guarantee the number one qb in the league. I draft 1st rd running back, 2nd rb wide receiver, 3rd rd tight end, then my starting qb in the fourth. Then risen and repeat. In my opinion i would never look for my starting qb in the middle to end of the draft. Those first 4 rd are for the best of the best. Late rounds are for backups. Just ones opinion.

Just out of curiosity, how many years out of say the last five have you finished in last place?

3 out of the last 5 years. I finish 1st. In 5 years i never finished below 5th. 2021 i finshed 5th. Dam you covid.

Congrats, that’s the best in-season management I’ve ever seen!

Just imagine the clean sweep you might have had without handicapping yourself so badly in the drafts!

Whats your thoughts on trading tee Higgins for amon-ra st.brown?

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I’m in favor of getting Amon-Ra St. Brown by any means necessary.

Have to agree with Axel Foley, although not quite so emphatically. I would take Brown over Higgins. There are few WR2’s that I would take over a WR1. That said, we will see what happens with the Lions next year after Jameson Williams has a full offseason to digest their system.