Jimmy Garoppolo/Trey Lance - sit or start either of them?

I picked up both players in the draft, thinking I’d swap them out when Trey Lance finally takes over, which seemed to be coming in week 5. It’s looking like Garoppolo might play now, but even if he does , is it still worth it to start him with the chance that he’s not 100 percent and they might sub in Trey Lance? I would have started Trey Lance if he was the starter.

I can pick up Zach Wilson to fill in until there’s a clear starter, or can put Amari Cooper in at Flex if he plays or Antonio Brown. Any advice on this one?

I’d definitely look at the “door number 3” option. Garoppolo and Lance need to be avoided until that one shakes out. I’m assuming this is a superflex question by the way you described it, so fill your superflex position with somebody else this week (Cooper seems like a reasonable option). if we have some clarity after this week, then run with whomever the 49ers QB happens to be next week. Ideally, you want it to be Lance, but that isn’t something you can control.

I have Lance in a 1 QB league. My alternative this week is Daniel Jones.

So far, I always chose the wrong QB. This week, I intend to start Jones, and if my streak continues, it means you can safely start Lance. :sweat_smile:

Well, Calvin Ridley is out now, so I’m putting Amari Cooper in as WR3 IF he plays. Leaves me with Antonio Brown or Zack Moss or Dallas Goedert to drop in superflex spot. Does Zach Wilson look like a better option for just this week now? I’d end up dropping Nyheim Hines to pick him up.

Against Atlanta? Let Zack cook! Anyway, with your QB situation, you probably need a 3rd QB anyway, or… what if you drop Garoppolo for Zack? Jimmy G. is not a great starting QB anyway. You want Lance, and one other option until Lance is actually starting. Jimmy is safe, but not great.