Where Will Taylor & Akers End Up?

Taylor and Akers are healthy young bell cow RBs looking for a home. Where will they end up?

Cleveland is a possibility. Chubb’s injury can be career threatening.

Indy could go Akers and trade Taylor. Many more.

I love it as I am holding both players.

Akers Minnesota you probably saw. I think Taylor plays for Colts.

Friend in my league had incredible draft and waivers, his RBs are Bijan, Jacobs, Taylor, Swift, James Cook, and Mostert

I expect Akers to take over the feature RB from Mattison by week #6. I see him as an RB2 with some upside.

He is in a contract year and has experience with the coach.


I already dumped my 6th round pick Akers and grabbed N. Collins - who’s someone dropped the week prior. I have too much going on with my roster to take on anymore dead weight with Kamara and J.Williams still hanging on.

You have to decide what’s best for your team and that will vary a lot. You made a smart move. I only had Jameson and did not need the roster spot. Akers went from useless to must roster and I believe will be a legit RB 2 within a few weeks.

Which of us made the better choice does not matter as both were the best choice.

The Viqueens can’t run the ball mang. We’ll see if it’s because of the first two week matchups, with a couple of easier ones coming up, but I believe - along with a couple other experts - that their passing game is just too good for them to put much into the running game. If somehow people believe that Mattison is just going to be replaced after 2 weeks from now, making Akers a viable start, you’re drinking some kind of Kool-Aid that I don’t even know. :neutral_face:

In some 5% chance that you’re right though, it would be one of the worst fantasy mistakes I’ve made in ever.

The most probable thing to occur is that it will be a time split in order to get their efficiency numbers up, because neither are that big a deal. Akers can’t catch well and Mattison is too inconsistent. But the volume will just be around halved for each of them - in my estimation. There’s a good chance that neither of them will average double-digit touches for the rest of the season and will be almost TD dependent to be start worthy… :person_shrugging:

I did say a few weeks and stand by it. We shall see.

The Jon Taylor saga is about to get interesting again as he will be active after next weekend. It appears he will stay in Indy but who knows.

My bottom line is that he is a top 5 RB and a welcome addition back to my roster.

Jameson is allowed to rejoin the team next week but not yet play for two more weeks. At least we get updated on his condition and possibly plans for his return.

He will also be a welcome addition to my roster after costing me a spot for 6 weeks. He is a special talent.