Keeper help - 2 keeper league

12 team .5 ppr 2 keeper league. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, 1 TE, D, K (also roster limit of a max of 6 RBs)

The league rosters shifted from 2 RB to 1 RB and 2 flex this year. Normally I keep RBs because they are at a premium. This year I have narrowed it down to the following players:

Javonte Williams 4th (I plan on keeping him)
Jerry Jeudy 6th
Cam Akers 16th

The value on Akers is great, but with his preseason injury, the lack of production in last year’s playoffs when he came back, and the change to the roster setup, I am torn. Would I be better keeping Jeudy and picking up only a couple of rounds of value, but having the flexibility or stick with Akers?

I pick 1.5, based on projected keepers and picks Dalvin, CMC, Henry, Ekler, Najee, Swift and possible WRs are lamb, Tyreek, Adams, Diggs. So several options.

What are people’s opinions?

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Even with all the concerns surrounding Akers, if he fell into the 16th round in a normal draft, would you take him there?

That’s what I thought.

And if you can get Henry in the draft, so much the better.

I guess it is more about the roster limit of 6 rbs and the fact that I only techinically need 1 RB now. Trying to decide if he is worth that. Granted I know what he could be, but is the value the same with the change to roster composition?

You have a 12 team league with a max of 6 RBs per roster, so you have to axe yourself if you consider Akers to be among the top 72 RBs in the NFL, and therefore worthy of a roster spot.

Your answer to that question will be the answer to your other question.

Akers with no reason for discussion. It was that easy a pick.

Welcome aboard!

The question here is: Is Cam Akers worth a 16th round pick?

ECR for a half-PPR has Akers going with the 45th pick overall (roughly 4th round in a 12 team draft). ADP has him at 38th (also 4th round). Pretty solid value. Nobody will knock you for this.

Let’s take a different view: Will Cam Akers win your league for you? If he gets healthy at the right time and starts putting up some monster points, hopefully around the playoffs. You have to go back to 2020 to find his best game: Against New England, he had 29 carries for 171 yards rushing, with 2 catches for 23 yards, no td’s. That was the ONLY time he has ever had 100 yards rushing. Chuba Hubbard had a 100 yard rushing game last season. Should we take him? Of course not.

(On a side note, CMC hasn’t had 100 yards rushing in a game since 2019, yet everyone is touting him as a 1.01 or 1.02 pick. Madness…)

It should also be noted that Akers only had 3 td’s in 12 games played in 2020. Jakobi Meyers, take note!

There comes a point where you need to cut your losses on a player. Is 2 years of mediocre production combined with a lot of injuries enough? Or do we continue to hold out hope that he can relive that one game? The Rams situation is nice, but is it enough to salvage Akers? So far, the answer is clearly no.

I will come right out and say it: Cam Akers is a bust. He shouldn’t be kept in any league at any price. Even with a 16th round pick, I can find a backup TE with more potential than Akers has. I would rather you get a better RB with your early pick and pay more for him next season than keep this Akers albatross on your bench.