When did Jordan Love get overpriced?

I’ve noticed a lot of trades on Twitter for Jordan Love lately. Even worse, people trading for him are hugely overpaying. I saw one trade for two 1st round 2024 picks! Another one was for a 2024 1st round pick, plus other assets. Frankly, he isn’t worth ONE 1st round pick, even in superflex.

Even according to the latest Fantasy Pros dynasty trade chart, Love is worth 32 points in superflex, whereas a top 12 1st round pick is worth 33 points. A top 3 1st round pick is worth 65 points! You add other players or picks to this deal, and you are quickly overpaying.

WOW! I would guess these trades were made by relatives, a girl fried or in a league for grade school for kids in Green Bay. :sunglasses:

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