Dynasty Superflex Trade Help!

I’m in a 10 person Dynasty Superflex league. I’m competing this year and I have two compelling offers:
Option 1: Trade 2023 2.08, Anthony Richardson & Tyler Allgeier for 2023 2.01, 3.07 and Dak!
Option 2: Trade 2024 1st, Richardson and Pacheco for Justin Herbert.

I currently have Lamar, 2 RB1s and 5 WR2s.

I believe that Richardson can be special and the 2024 draft has at least six top of the line talents. I like Herbert but not that much.

Not a Dak fan.

I’m confused. Your league hasn’t drafted yet, as 2023 picks can still be traded. Yet still, teams already own 2023 rookies (Richardson)?

Good catch - I put Richardson in there as I have 1.03 and 1 and two are “promising” they’re drafting RBS. Just the way I’m processing it in my little brain.

Gotcha. So your options are:

Trade 2023 1.03, 2.08 & Tyler Allgeier for 2023 2.01, 3.07 and Dak.

Or trade 2023 1.03, 2024 1st and Pacheco for Justin Herbert.

Both trades aren’t really favorable for you. In both trades you overpay, though that’s something you’ll have to do if you want to trade for a QB in a Superflex league.

It’s a moderate overpay for Dak, but I wouldn’t see him as a QB1. So the question is, why would you overpay for him at all.

The overpay for Herbert is massive. But Herbert is an established NFL QB, and will remain a QB1 for years to come. Richardson still has to show if he’s NFL material.

As a Herbert owner myself, I wouldn’t sell him for anything less than two good 1sts. So if you want Herbert, that’s what you’ll have to pay.

If you want to reach for the title this year, you’ll probably have to go for Herbert. Even if Richardson is as good as everybody hopes, there is no guarantee he’ll start this season.

If a shaky Lamar and 5 WR2s are good enough for your team to reach for the title is another question. I can only comment on it when seeing your entire team.

I would agree that IF you have a legit shot at a title you take it. In my view Herbert will come back from last year’s injury and no WRs to be a top 5 QB.

You will overpay and may live to regret it but you do get high value in return.
If your top players are aging, gotta go for it. If young, a much tuffer choice.