Trade value for Javonte Williams

javonte Williams for a first and second round pick.Any thoughts on this?This is for my dynasty league

Depends on how early / late the picks are.
1.01 + 2.01 is a tad too much
1.12 + 2.12 is way too little.

This link should help you decide:

It also has relative values for dynasty draft picks.

Javonte Williams is valued at 61 points. On the draft value chart, that comes close to a top 3 pick and an early second round pick, which are 44 and 18 points respectively, about 62 points.

Keep in mind, what does the rest of your RB corps look like? If you can’t afford to lose Williams, that means you will have to invest one of those picks in a rookie RB, and this isn’t necessarily the strongest RB class, which means you’d have to probably use that top 3 pick on an RB to replace Williams. That said, you get a replacement plus an early second round “lottery ticket” pick.

If that is the case, I’d take that deal. Anything less than that, no way.

Thanks,i offered 1.10 and 2.5

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I wouldn’t take that, but he might. You’ll find .out