What's up with FantasyPros?

FantasyPros is telling me that I should bench Jonathan Taylor in favor of Chase Edmonds? It shows JT is the RB256???

I’m noticing this craziness for quite a few players. Pat Freiermuth is listed as the #1 TE, Courtland Sutton the WR #147, Justin Jefferson #117, CEH RB 98???

It’s been like this for a couple of days and I’ve been giving them some time to sort it out but I pay for a premium membership, waivers go in tomorrow and I like to get the FantasyPros viewpoint when making decisions. I currently disagree that JT should be traded for Harrison Butker, LOL!

Anyone else noticing this?



Well…looks like they fixed it. Jonathan Taylor is now showing a much more accurate ranking of RB113…

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Trade Analyzer is busted too.

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If you’re going to rely on expert fantasy football software, then you have to RELY on it. You can’t go picking and choosing when to rely on it because it suits you; if you knew what you were doing you wouldn’t need a premium subscription to fantasy football software in the first place, amIrite?

If the software says to start Edmonds over Taylor, then get your money’s worth and take advantage of the premium advice you’ve paid for, even if it sounds counterintuitive to your greenhorn sensibilities.

You’re such a f*ing idiot. The software is glitching right now. I’m not DEPENDING on it. I am USING it and since I PAID for it, I’d like it to WORK. Go troll somewhere else you insecure piece of shite. Sidenote, maybe if you fat, diabetic arse would lose 100 lbs or so, maybe you could see the ENTIRE inch that makes up your penis and you wouldn’t be the way you are. Just a thought.

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Seems like you’d be better off sticking to the free advice from Axe Elf which ALWAYS works, but every league needs 11 losers too.

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