Pick #1 who do I take?

I got the first pick today(not thrilled about it) so who do I take?

Full PPR.

Taylor was the consensus #1 but now I see McCaffery on the top of many lists. Why the change? Because Baker is QB now?

Taking anyone other than the best player in fantasy football with the #1 pick would be a travesty.

If you don’t know who that is, go take a look at the fantasy points scored by RBs through the first 8 weeks of last season. You’ll see one player has 43 more points than Jonathan Taylor by then. That’s the guy.

…and then look at the player with the most fantasy points through the last 9 weeks. Hint: It’s not Derrick Henry.

Welcome aboard @chapie1968 !

Take Taylor and reduce the amount of stress in your fantasy football life. And don’t listen to lawn gnomes!

People are forgetting the injuries which had McCaffrey at 8 earlier and just willing to risk it due his talent as the best when healthy.

Do you wish to roll the dice or go the safer avenue in Taylor. No one can decide for ya,

Axually, Henry is the safest option. He’s been an ironman throughout his career. Virtually never gets hurt. He missed like 2 games in his career until last year’s freak broken bone. There is no peace of mind in fantasy football when it comes to injuries, but Henry’s as safe as it gets–oh, and he scores 5 points per week more than anyone else at the position, too!

HOWZABOUT we make a wager on Your Henry? Money or just type?

I have about $150 riding on him already, across five leagues.

Not my problem. Head to head, you got Henry I got Taylor, total points for the year. $100, or more if ya like.

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Not my problem. I have fantasy leagues to win.

Not with Henry Oh well, not a $100 confidence is understandable.

Yes, with Henry. As I said, He is my RB1 in 5 of my 6 leagues this season so far.

Taylor is my RB2 in 2 of those 5 leagues.

You think I’m going to bet $100 against my RB2 doing as well as my RB1, just so you can laugh if Henry does get hurt–because you know that’s the only way he doesn’t finish as the RB1 by 100 points.

Now run along, and if you ever want to compete against Axe Elf, join one of his leagues. Outside of that, you’re just some loudmouth in a bar challenging Mike Tyson to a slapping contest.

Injury negates the bet and give me a league to join in order to kick your ass and shut you up.

I’m still not betting against one of my own players, but I had been thinking I might add another league–how’s this one sound?

Of no interest, multiple QB’s and flexes are for kids Want to go based on draft and managing a football team I will kick you ass.

Wanna go “Fluff & Stuff” I have no interest.

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…until last year, which happened to coincide with him nearing the RB’s age cliff.

…except for those 9 weeks he missed last year, when he scored ZERO!


Kind of like algebra and calculus are for kids; you’d rather stick to addition and subtraction!

I kind of figured the auction format would be too advanced for you anyway; but I didn’t think a couple of extra flex spots would scare you away. I guess you’re only familiar with the top 100 players or so. I did try to take it easy on you with an elementary scoring system.

Well, better luck next time you have the 'nads to challenge the Mike Tyson of fantasy football!

Don’t try to be clever, you cannot pull it off and the attempt is a joke.

You know from many posts I have no interest in more than one QB and poisoned the feeble attempt at a challenge by including it.

I offered you an invite to join my league and you did not even have the common courtesy to answer.

I scare you and I should. :slight_smile:

Try not to stutter as you back away with your tail firmly tucked between your legs.

And with him raising his average yards per game from 126 to 155. Which was obviously too much for his 27 year old body.

Axel just compared himself with Mike Tyson. The last images I saw from Tyson, he was either using a walking stick or sitting in a wheelchair…


As always, Mind on vacation, Mouth working overtime.

End of story.

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