Weird weekly rankings?

So in my playbook under waivers I click on Cheatsheets and I am getting some weird rankings of players. Undrafted players in my top ten. Normal for my other synced league.
I am not sure if I hit a setting or if fantasy pros was hacked. Any thoughts?

Considering Rico Dowdle is on IR for the rest of the year, that is an odd result. Jalen Reagor as the #1 WR? That looks all kinds of wrong, whether you are searching for weekly or season-long results.

Last week, I had one league that was giving me weird information. On My Playbook, it said 85% of experts suggested starting Adam Thielen, and 9% suggested Aaron Jones. But if you used the who do I start tool, it said 99% Jones. Obviously, the My Playbook knew what it was talking about in hindsight, but it just was weird that it was giving me different information than the rankings. Like you, it seemed to be only one league.

I also had some weird baseball stuff too. I had one league where it was only showing about 2/3 of my roster, and then another league it suggested 2 players for my lineup that weren’t even on my team.

I haven’t been able to get any follow up help from support on why it was doing it.

I think the product is just really buggy.

One thing I’ve noticed on Fantasy Pros is the recommendations based on “top experts” versus “all experts” are very different, so keep your eyes open for that. If you can, “top experts” are far better, IMO.

I’m getting so angry about this. It’s doing Preseason rankings. I can go directly to the ROS Rankings to see them, but when I go to the My Team, Trade Analyzer and Waiver, it is giving this weird stuff.

Come on…why is this happening :confused: ? I wanna make trades, and I like the help.

Mine also has the goofy rankings, with Mooney being a top 10 play and Terry McLaurin ranked #42. Has this site been hacked? I think the moderators need to investigate ASAP. Also, no matter what experts I pick, the cheat sheet remains the same.

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I’m having the same issue - do your rankings change when you change the “pick experts”? Mine do not. They stay the same no matter who I pick and apply as my pick experts. This application does not appear to be working.

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Both true for me. pick Experrts doesn’t even show up on every page anymore

Yeah……I’m been making my own excel spreadsheet based on the Trade Value chart. Then putting all of the teams on there. But it’s still not THE BEST

Normally, when I go to nearly any NFL or NFL-related website, I get Fantasy Pros links on player names. For some reason, those aren’t showing up any more. Something is clearly happening.

Fantasypros help desk helped. When my CBS league synced it had 10 yards equals -10 points. Same with receiving yards, Not sure why it did not sync right but thanks for the help.

Ok, I finally got my FP info links back. I just re-synced my leagues here: My Leagues - NFL 2021 - Sync | FantasyPros

I am still getting some weird stuff this week.

I have a choice between Carson Wentz and Tyrod Taylor as a super flex. The lineup assistant says Wentz 87%. I narrowed it down to 6 specific experts, and it had him at 100%. However, the who should I start tool gives me 80% Taylor with all experts, and 5/6 with the 6 narrowed down experts.

I can obviously get the correct information using the free tool, but it’s just annoying that the tool I’m paying for is giving the incorrect information.

After hearing them hype the premium subscription and My Playbook on the podcasts constantly, it’s just very disappointing that they are pretty much trash now that I finally broke down and paid for it.

Keep in mind, specific experts can disagree significantly with the overall pool of experts.

I am saying I used the default 140 experts in My Playbook and then narrowed it down to 6 specific experts. In both cases, My Playbook pretty unanimously said Wentz, but when I dig into the actual rankings, it was saying Taylor.

When you narrow the field, you narrow the results, sometimes to different results.

But why if I narrow the experts to 6 specific experts does my start/sit assistant say 100% Wentz, but if I look at each of those 6 rankers individually, 5 of them have Taylor ranked higher? Shouldn’t I get the same results if I am using the same 6 rankings?

That sounds screwy. Time to call in the “IT Pros”.

So I use the Fantasy Football Rankings (FantasyPros Experts) to make FanDuel teams based on the rankings in the chart. Checking today, Sunday, on the teams I made yesterday I see that the rankings have changed. since yesterday. Some players have moved 8 -10 places. Todays “experts” are Fitzmaurice, Harris, Pisapia, Yates and Tagliere (no rankings of course, RIP). My question is does anyone know if they change the experts used each day, is it random, etc?