Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (8/2)

I need some assistance with keeper decisions. Here’s the scenario…

I will be drafting third in a 12 team PPR, snake draft. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 FLEX

First keeper either Aaron Jones or Allen Robinson

Second keeper either Antonio Gibson or Calvin Ridley.

Not sure who the other teams keepers will be but at the 3 spot I would have the option of the remaining player of McCaffrey, Cook or Chubb for sure since they can’t be kept this year, obviously as well as any other nonkept players.

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I would still lean Taylor, personally. But getting Ridley a full round later is enticing enough that I might do it. I have JT at 8 and Ridley at 14 in half PPR right now.

Yeah, I think that makes sense in a kind of dynasty setup like this. I like Henderson for this year, but there’s a chance that this is a one-year thing for him. So if you can sell now for something better long term, it makes sense.

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Howdy! 8-team superflex salary cap league ($200). Half point PPR.

1 -QB / 2-Rb / 2-Wr / 1-Te / 1-WRT / 1-Qwrt

Should I keep Ridley $10, Aaron Jones $35, or Dobbins $7.


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In this case, I would probably wait on WR because there are going to be a bunch of good ones available late. Take RB early.

I think Jones is priced appropriately (maybe about $5 less) while Ridley and Dobbins are bargains. I’d lean Ridley just because his price would probably be closer to $30.

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This would be a no-brainer for me. I’d keep Jones and Ridley and be able to start the year with Jones, Ridley, and one of McCaffrey, Cook, or Chubb. That’s a great start.

Would you rather have a pick in the 5-8 range, or in the 11-12 range and go back to back?

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This year I’d prefer 5-8 to get one of those RBs. If I pick at the turn this year I’m probably using the entire clock to debate with myself about taking Kelce or not.

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Thanks for chatting, everyone! Matt will be here later in the week, and I’ll check back in over the next couple of days. Feel free to reach out on Twitter @mikeMaher with questions or just to talk football. See ya!

What do you think of Mike Davis in PPR this year?

Here’s an example. I think by not having a dedicated TE spot, the algorithms are affected. On the WR/TE flex (it is the middle Flex position where there are no RBs), it ranks clearly better TEs as lower than clearly inferior WRs.


I could keep AJ Dillion with a 10th round

What are the projected total points for those players, though? That is what I would be interested to see. With TE, usually, the conversation centers around VORP because that position is such a crapshoot. For example, Robby Anderson is projected to score about 130-ish total points. Mark Andrews is right in the same neighborhood at around 131. Andrews is the 4th TE, while Anderson is outside of the Top 30 WR. But with no dedicated TE slot, it doesn’t matter. They’re equals at that point. Only the points matter.

I’m in a 12 team PPR league, in the 9th position. And all my draft wizard I have made, I had bad results, changing the strategy. What it the best pick (RB,WR, TE, QB) start in my first 3 o 4 picks.

And also the same 12 team PPR, in 8th position.

Ty, for your help.

Would it matter if I was drafting 4th, not 3rd and CMC, Cook, Chubb, Zeke, and Barkley were all in the pool to draft at 4?

For our league (0.5 ppr) Kelce is projected at 255 points, but he is ranked below Golladay who is projected at 179. Waller and Kittle are projected over 200, and both are below OBJ at 181. Kittle again is below Juju projected at 174.

This has been whats happened consistently over about 100 mock drafts. To be clear, I’m not complaining or fault finding, just trying to make sure I understand so I can accurately critique my own strategy.

Can I trust the draft Assistant this year for my draft?

DJ Moore, Kupp, Theilen, or Lockett? Full ppr 10 team 3 player keeper. Keepers make these options my round 4 options typically in mocks. Thanks.

In a dynasty league and looking to get a rookie rb. Picking at 4 and only 1 guy in front of me needs a rb trying to decide between javonte Williams or Travis etienne. Standard league. Any advice