Weekly Fantasy Football Chat (8/16)

Keeper League by round drafted. Diggs and Ekeler in the 3rd round, can only keep 1. Drafting position 12.
Other keepers are Gibson (6) and Jefferson (9).

Do you want number 1 pick or 12? I have 1 but have been offered 12. I like 12. Should I 12? Or 1. For McCaffrey and his godly talent

10th pick in a 10 team league… Do I draft RB/RB, WR/WR, or a different combination?

Thoughts on Adam thielen this year?

Based on the committee we saw from the Rams backups on Saturday, do you take Henderson at his ADP or reach for ETN for future value in a 12 person keeper PPR league?

How would you compare the value of Samaje Perine over Chris Evans as a deep stash and as a Hancuff to Joe mixon? I kinda like Evans upside but how long would I be waiting for him to pay dividends?

Zeke or Adam’s. I’d go with Adam’s cuz rodgers is gonna have a chip on his shoulder this year

Josh Jacobs or Clyde Edward’s helaire

Pick 2 in a 12 man PPR leauge, If Darren Waller is available at the 2-3 turn do I take him, a top flight receiver like Justin Jefferson or A.J Brown or a second running back Like CEH before the running back deadzone?

I have the 1.01 in a 10 team ppr, 1qb league… Keeping Swift (5th Rd), Ekeler (7th Rd) and Deontae Johnson (12th Rd). Would you draft Kelce or Barkley at the 1.01?

Hey Everyone, Jared here. I’m excited to spend the next hour with you, helping each of you with your fantasy football questions for the upcoming season. Please ask any and all questions, but if I don’t get to them or if you have any follow-up questions after 1pm EST (or so), please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @JaredL_FF.

Hey guys I’m a new commish and I want to make sure my 10 team full PPR keeper league is as fun as possible. How can I make sure that happens?

I assume you’re asking this question with the assumption that their costs are equal (e.g., a 5th round ADP for both). With that in mind, I prefer LJ as he’s proven for several years that he’s an elite fantasy producer and game-breaker. Kyler was awesome during the first half of last season, but a shoulder injury led to a significant change in his playstyle, leading to falling fantasy production. As such, there’s a bit more uncertainty with him heading into 2021 for me than LJ.

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Thoughts on Lamar Jackson in the 4th round of a 10 team league, 6 pt for all TD

I’m honestly not as well-versed on auction league values so I don’t want to point you in the wrong direction. I’m sure @bblontz can help you get in touch with another member of the FantasyPros team that could better answer your question.

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Hey! I have just been offered Dobbins, Lamb and 22 1st for CMC. What do you think of the trade offer?

I got pitts and kettle in a 10 team full ppr superflex league my rbs are good but I feel like I am weak at wr I have arod and ayiuk and dj chark and chase and d smith Marvin Jones Jerry Judy and amr st brown should I trade one of my te for a wr 1

I think this depends on how many RBs/WRs/FLXs you have to start and other specific league settings, but all things held equal, I’d lean Jones or Zeke (Barkley would be my choice, however, if his offseason recovery progresses positively).

I’m thinking Lamar but idk. Curious to see what others say. If I can get one in the 5th round I’m prob in

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12 team ppr 6 points for all tds.
I pick 4th

Keep 1 for 1 year

Dak Prescott in the 5th
Diante Johnson in the 6th
Justin Herbert in the 7th