Week nice qb and flex questions

strong textstrong textstrong text****strong textWell with my main QB on bye who is best alternative this week . It’s four points TD league

M Stafford at Tampa
M Jones vs IND
P Walker at Bengals

Sick options but think Stafford due for a big game this season . Walker might get killed on road . I’m not sure so need help guys

Also pick 2 from these ** need start one RB AND ONE FLEX

Deon Jackson vs pats
C Samuel vs Minn
Jamal Williams vs Green Bay
Swift vs Green Bay

I was thinking Williams and Jackson

Lastly Pitts or Higbee as my TE

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I think Stafford is the “nice QB” to play. :slight_smile:

I wait until Sunday to find out the best info on Swift before deciding.

Higbee is safer choice. Pitts is hit or miss until they get a QB and an O.

Stafford and Jones are the projected plays. But something tells me PJ Walker is being underrated here. Jacoby Brissett (?!) just torched Cincy for 20 points last week. Admittedly, he had a rushing td. Still, even 14 points is in line with the projections for Stafford and Jones. Last week’s loss to Atlanta could be a wakeup call to this team, especially since they had the game before going “full retard”.

But if you want to go with the projections, Stafford is your guy.

For the RB/Flex, give me Jackson easily, with Swift/Williams, in that order. Swift if he plays, Williams if not.

As for TE, I’d have to gamble on Pitts. At least he had a good week last week? Maybe he will get more play? Higbee has been very hit and miss this year, with more misses. Higbee is the safer floor, but that floor is still low.

Thanks u all and good luck

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