Should I pick these two

Well I was surely gonna be 4-1 this week but unreal mon night game and i lost by 2 points so now 3-2

This is my starting team

E sanders flex

**Bench : **
C .Davis
M Thomas
A Dillon
A collins

These two players available on my WW now and some ppp dropped them . Should I pick both of them . If i wait then some one will pick

D Montogomery
G Kittle

Should I pick both of them and if so which two players should I drop

Really need your help guys


Higbee and Collins for both. If you want to drop ertz instead of higbee they’re a toss up for me.
Without a doubt add Montgomery

Kittle has proven to be injury prone, so you have to approach him with that caveat. Still, as weak as the TE position is, you can’t ignore him either. If the 49ers bring him back this year, he could be a factor. On the other hand, Ertz and Higbee streaming can be worth as much or more than Kittle at this point, so best to just let Kittle go.

As for Montgomery, I would drop Collins for him. Monty brings you more upside, although you will have to wait a few weeks for it. I can’t see the Seahawks making Collins a bellcow like Carson was.