Biggest Disappointments- Hold um/Fold um?

The playoff stretch run is here. Who are the current disappointments who can make or break you? Is it time to walk/run away?

I’m 6-4 in our So Be league and still looking at a possible bye week with 5 others.
I play Ed who is a game ahead. I have Etienne and Kirk on bye with Ertz out.

Swift was out for 5 weeks which I counted on. However, getting 11, 6 and 7 points on a combined 13 carries for 22 yards in 3 weeks back was not. He has diminished to a TD dependent flex if that.

Justin Herbert was injured early and we move on. Over the last 5 weeks he scored 18 once, 14 or under the rest. There were multiple analysts saying what I believed in that there is no QB,past or present, who could do better with what he has to throw to. Perhaps exaggerated but not by much.
I have to bite the bullet with Herbert as Allen is due back this week and Williams next week. He could go off for a month or more.

Swift is different. I wish the Lions would at least label him as out. Rosters with byes have little space.

Im good at TE with Schultz healthy and looking VG.

Thoughts & Who ya got?

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Kyle Pitts is still disappointing, although at least I’ve figured out why: It’s Mariota. How can you miss a 6’6" target? Yet he does.

I share your problem with London. The kid has superstar talent and grades but am considering giving him up as he cannot be played. I want to keep him but have a lot of talented players to consider.

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