Un real luck : injuries and covid

What a day . First Hopkins goes down and now Waddle . I dont know how will i win my playoff this week . But I am hopeful and need all ur help .

QB : Brady
RB1: D Montogomerry
RB 2 : Sony Michael
WR1 : S Diggs
WR 2 : what u guys suggest from my bench
TE : Kelce
Flex : Stevenson or Gaskin but he in covid still

Bench : K osborn, peoples jones, A st Brown
Waiver : Beasley , jeudy , R Moore , G Davis

So who should be my wr2 and flex

Would appreciate all ur help

Thanks and good luck

With Omicron spreading like a wildfire, I’d expect dozens of players to land on the Covid list over the next few weeks.

Be careful with Michel, Henderson could be back this week.
If he is, I’d start Gaskin over Michel (assuming he’ll be activated).

If Thielen sits out another week, Osborn is a safe start.
Amon-Ra St. Brown is an option as well.

Good luck!

Thanks so much . So if both Harris and Henderson is active then I still need start one as flex : which one will that be ?

Also I have Wilson and Gaskin in bench . Hope gaskin comes back . Then only need decide my flex : steven or sony or Wilson
If moore is out then Wilson also sounds good .
Your thoughts

Also by way Fournette DNP today also . Should I pick up R Jones by dropping Brown

So for sure my second WR is Osborn
And I hope he kills it

Also hoping Kelce does something . He is die big time . My opponent has hill

Good luck and be safe : this virus is not lethal but its spreading like wild fire

Crazy times

You: 10-of-13 targets for 191 yards and two touchdowns.
Your opponent: 12-of-13 targets for 148 yards and a touchdown.


I wouldn’t drop Brown. He is just getting hot. He could be a league winner for you. Jones may only be a one week option.

Thanks man for all ur suggestions

So for flex i picked up some more options :grin:

St Brown : he is good but detroit scares me big time

Gaskin : not off covid yet

R Jones : L fournette may miss game as of now but its the saints run def

Stevenson : harris may or may not play

Wison : moore looks out and good match up

I am confused … lets see as week rolls on

One last thing : prater or R succop .


Go with Prater. Detroit has given up the most points to kickers this season.

Thanks for the suggestion . Will do that

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