Best Flex Option

Need a win this week. Best flex option between Pat Freiermuth (Claypool out but so is Ben),
Van Jefferson (woods out and OBJ too new to the team) or
Rhamondre Stephenson (getting RB1 role this week for NE.)?

Are you talking about week 11?

Actually I was looking for last minute advice for week 10 but went with my gut and played Stephenson. Think I made the right choice! I might need to choose again for week 11 though. Thoughts go forward for my flex stash between the three?

Did you ever make the right choice! Stevenson rocked it this week!

For next week, just follow the news. If it looks like Harris will be back and starting, (ho-hum), you may need to sit Stevenson, or relegate him to flex status. I don’t understand how Belichick can’t see Stevenson’s talent, but there it is.

If Stevenson is inactive (I don’t put it past Belichik), then I’d go with Freiermuth, although not enthusiastically, as Van Jefferson is on bye next week.

Oh I agree on Belichick! Doesn’t want to give the rookie the rock. I’ve been waiting for him to steal the rb1 for a while. It will happen----in time.
I’ve been watching Van for a while but too many cooks in the kitchen in LA. OBJ might make an impact in time but with Woods out, this is his chance to shine. I just don’t know what his ceiling will be.
Thanks for the input!
(Man I love this game)

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I couldn’t agree more! It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, with all the parts moving and alive!

For week 11, I would say A J Dillon is a good pickup with Aaron Jones out for at least a couple of weeks… Stevenson is a stud and worth rostering for sure.