How Did We Do in Week 8?

In our league I scored 141 but Kevin kicked my ass by going off for 151. This puts me behind the 8 ball with a very bad 4-4 record and playing #1 this week.

In my Zak/Euro game i have 129 with Zak at 139 but, need 10 from Higgins tonight for a win.

I won my other two leagues going away to sit at 7-1 and in first.


I’m sorry, I cannot allow that. :sweat_smile:

My theme of week 8: all my teams finished ahead of projections. Sadly, most of my opponents finished way, way, wayyyyyy ahead of projections. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

SFLEX dynasty: in this league, week 8 was the expected Black Hole of Suck. I was without Mahomes, Herbert, Ekeler (all BYE), Breece Hall, Ja’Marr Chase (IR) and Mark Andrews, at least for most of the game. Losing 6 top 6 players was impossible to overcome, even though I have good depth. Except for QB, where I had nobody. To add insult to injury, my opponent (dead last in the league) started Dak (28 points), Tua (36) and Pats K Nick Folk (22). Those 3 alone would have been enough to defeat me. I’m 6-2 in this league now, but still the #1 seed.

1QB dynasty: that team is on a roll now. Traded for D’Onta Foreman this week (got him for Goff, awesome trade for me), so along with Travis Etienne, I suddenly have a strong backfield. Unless Nick Chubb scores 40+ tonight, I will defeat last year’s finalist and go 3-5.

South Beach League: I was ahead 9 points in projections. My team performed as projected. But I was up against Kyler, CMC and Kamara. So now I’m trailing by 10, while my opponent (one of the weakest teams so far) still has 2 players coming up. 4-4 here now, playoff outlook is looking increasingly murky.

US-EU league: similar story. I was up 17 points in projections. My team scored 22 points above projections. And still, I’m likely to lose this one, going 3-5.

SFLEX tournament: after losing both my QBs, and the rest of the team being lackluster, I was ready to write this one off. Now I won the third straight week, with one of the highest scores in the entire tournament, thanks to D’Onta Foreman and Tony Pollard. 4-4 here now.

I lost where I needed to lose, and won where I needed to win.

I lost in both my two rebuilding dynasty leagues. Yay me.

I lost in my redraft league, but I’m not shedding any tears over that one.

But I won monster huge in my home league, 193.82-97.44. I was only 14 points off the league record.

And of course I won easily in South Beach, beating the Bruisers 134.58-77.00. Oh wait! he could still win, if Hayden Hurst goes off for 58 points tonight! :rofl:

As the only 4-3 team in South Beach to win this week, that will move me to 5-3, and third place. Now to shoot for second place…

I would have liked to win my first game in the south beach league but I have higgens in another league and need him to do really well tonight. Only way out of it is to have hurst go off and cinci D get destroyed. And Mixon be held in check. Way too many moving parts.

Wow. Hahahaa. Higgens got me enough to win in one league but not enough to loose in another. Cincinnati D destroyed. Mixon held in check and hurst came through. Perfect ending!!


I continued my lifetime undefeated streak vs Zak with win # 2,

We are both 3-5 in Euro We are both 4-4 in S B. We both got beat by a 151 score. We both have similar/same views on fantasy.

I knew there was a reason I hated this guy, lol

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A12, Great feeling when everything falls in place, just like you planned it. :slight_smile:

It’s all part of my strategy. I’ll give you hope during the regular season, and then, in the playoffs… BÄM! as we say in Germany :smiling_imp:

That SoBe league really doesn’t like me. There are 3 teams sitting atop the “most points scored” list:

Krash Test Dummies - 940 points - 7-1
Mack’s Matchless Team - 939 points - 6-2
My Hamburg Havoc - 933 points - 4-4 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The Bruisers have the same record I have, even though they scored only 772 points.

Zak, FYI Kevin/Krash is the commish of an 18 year old dynasty league and Mack, Ernest and Bruiser are 3 guys he brought with to help me start this league. They are all VG. Bruisers has won over 200 fantasy games.

Tim with Cosmic is stilll in 1st in the oter division we play in but last here. Look at what happened. He lost his #1 Javante with QBs Dak and Tua.

I do not see a wea spot here in spite of scoring.

I didn’t want to imply anything here. I just get a lot of points scored against me, that’s all. Happens, is nobody’s fault, but I still have every right to be grumpy about it. :crazy_face:

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And I crushed him this week. :grin:

Zak, could not agree more. A big part of the initial appeal of this forum was a place to vent where misery loves company.

My comment was an in general book by cover deal as I know the managers better than anyone else.

Ed, when you get used to winning games like this mean nothing but a win.

I beat a HOF fantasy type guy who was tied with me for 1st this week but, saw he had bye problems and meant nothing.

I have rebuilt my Euro team from a horrible draft as I said I would and it was tuff to do. I am prouder of that than any win this season. FWIW

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