Week 17 Fantasy Player of the Week

For my week 17 Fantasy player of the Week, I am going to step away from my standard rules here, and give the award to the player who single-handedly beat me in my only championship game. I suspect any of you who were in championships facing this guy know who I am discussing: Tampa Bay WR Mike Evans.

Mind you, I have nothing against Evans, even though I don’t have him in any of my leagues. But like previous years, it seems one guy always goes off during championship week (remember Alvin Kamara’s 6 td game?). This year, Evans was the guy: 10 catches, 207 receiving yards, 3 td’s, 48 fantasy points. He almost single-handedly kicked me out of the championship.

I tip my hat to you, Mike Evans!

My previous winners:
Week 17: WR Mike Evans
Week 16: K Brett Maher
Week 15: QB Jalen Hurts
Week 14: QB Jalen Hurts
Week 13: QB Jalen Hurts and WR Davante Adams
Week 12: QB Jalen Hurts
Week 11: K Brett Maher
Week 10: QB Justin Fields
Week 9: WR Davante Adams
Week 8: RB Alvin Kamara
Week 7: RB Rhamondre Stevenson and RB Kenny Walker
Week 6: RB Rhamondre Stevenson and RB Deon Jackson
Week 5: QB Jalen Hurts
Week 4: WR Davante Adams
Week 3: WR Mack Hollins
Week 2: WR Jaylen Waddle
Week 1: WR Davante Adams

So who was your fantasy player of the week this week?

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Brandon Aiyuk. Started him as a fringe play in the South Beach league, but his 22.20 points mark the highest score of my entire roster so far (I hope Josh Allen will change that tonight) and put me in a good position to claim the title after MNF.

Honorable mentions go out to Patrick Mahomes, Austin Ekeler and Amari Cooper, whose strong performances helped me blow my main rival in my SFLEX dynasty out of the water. Even if it was only the match for #3 this year.

Same to Daniel Jones, Travis Etienne and Dalton Schultz in my 1QB league. Had I reached the final, I would have won it against any opponent, as my team put up the highest score in the league this week. Sadly, I was only in the consolation bracket, and while it’s nice to have won it, it’s worth nothing in that league.

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Damar Hamlin, who would hand me two league Championships (and the Chiefs the #1 seed) if they don’t ever finish that game.