Week 17 Decisions

The championship game in the South Beach league is here. A good time to make the right decision. But which are the right ones?

Josh Allen, who’s been rock solid this season, and has an okay matchup in Cinci?
Or Justin Fields, who is up-and-down, but has a very juicy matchup against a terrible Detroit defense?


I need 3 out of:

Josh Jacobs, who lost a lot of steam recently and now faces the worst possible opponent in the 49ers.

Rachaad White, whose ceiling is limited by Fournette, but who has a good matchup vs. the Panthers.

Najee Harris, who was solid recently, but now faces the Ravens, who are not a good matchup for RBs.

Brandon Aiyuk, who doesn’t offer much of a ceiling, but has a very nice matchup in Las Vegas.

Jahan Dotson, who had 3 strong games in a row now, and faces an okay matchup against the Browns.

George Pickens, who is up-and-down and also has an okay matchup in Baltimore.

Or Zack Moss, who seems to be the 1a in the backfield of a terrible team, but has a good matchup in New York against the Giants.

There is a clear trend here: the better players all have terrible matchups, while the shakier players all face rather generous opponents.

So - who do I start?

If you have both Allen and Fields…it may be a flip of a coin! Both games could have high over under…Also comes down to your opponents players and their matchups…

I lean Allen as of now…as he has been stable no matter what conditions and this is gonna be a big game for the AFC no 1 seed…

The Jacobs one is the toughest for me…

Of the receivers…I like Dotson the most, closely followed by Aiyuk

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First, let’s not underestimate Detroit’s defense, which started very slow, but has turned things around lately. Their overall ratings are mainly due to their slow start.

I’d take Josh Allen here.

For the flex positions:

Jacobs has one of the tougher matchups of all, against the 49ers. And yet, the projections still have him as the clear leader in this bunch.

The WR’s here are middle of the road, nothing elite (in the future, maybe). I’d take a chance with the RB’s here first.

White and Harris have both looked good, albeit running behind limited o-lines. I’d take them as “talent rules” choices. Since they both get receiving points too, that seals the deal for me.

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I don’t know, man. Scored points allowed to opposing teams:

All season 20.4 26.7
Last 5 games 18.2 23.8
Last 3 games 17.0 25.7

I don’t disagree that Allen looks like the safer option, though.

Projections, shmojections. :sweat_smile:
They usually do not take things like this into account. In week 10, the Niners played the Chargers and kept Ekeler at under 10 points. Same for Kamara in week 12, and for Ken Walker in week 15.

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While I agree Jacobs is not a safe choice, you don’t have anything that makes me feel a lot better.

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Yeah, I can’t argue that. If I had, I wouldn’t have had to start this thread. :sweat_smile:

Allen, Jacobs, Harris, Aiyuk. You do not have any better options other than a trade back for Akers. :slight_smile:

Not gonna waste time giving reasons you already know.

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QB Allen (Fields is hurt to me)
RB Harris the steelers Workhorse RB
RB Rachaad White (believe or not) should be in a high scoring game with Car
WR Dotson or Pickens a toss up to me

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