WHAT TO DO, Someone HALP... Please?

Full PPR 10 Team league No need for TE it is a league that has 2 Flex Spots and Both spots you can put TE, WR, RB.

I have players who are available that I could sub in, Just needing to fill the spots on who would you put where. Much appreciated in advance!

My lineup so far…


QB Jalen Hurts PHI

RB Jonathan Taylor IND-
RB Rhamondre Stevenson NE





PK Jason Myers SEA ( I am going after Lutz or the niners kicker. ) High hopes I snag someone.

DEF San Francisco 49ers SF


RB D’Onta Foreman CAR

WR George Pickens PIT

RB Melvin Gordon DEN

WR Mike Williams LAC- Questionable, back to practice. ( But I am not to sure if I should start him if he even starts. )

WR Chase Claypool CHI

WR Kadarius Toney KC

WR Van Jefferson LAR

RB Travis Etienne JAX- BYE
WR Ja’Marr Chase CIN- OUT
WR Jaylen Waddle MIA- BYE
FLX DK Metcalf SEA -**BYE

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For WR, Pickens and Toney and for Flex Foreman. and maybe Jefferson


What @krisboy123 said, except I’d take a chance on Claypool over Jefferson. Claypool is still learning Chicago’s playbook, and will be more involved each week. One of these weeks, he’s gonna blow up.

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I appreciate you guys! For real! This was helpful. I think my struggle is Claypool and Jefferson as well. Which would have more of a solid chance for me to take that pick on.
I know Claypool is getting to know that play book. Against, ( My TEAM ) lol The Falcons.
I know any starting receiver even pocket receiver will go off, and score big, so if it was any game, this would be the game to be.
HOWEVER… I think it will be Fields that will be going off as he has been the last two games. Then if he is wanting the short 2-7 yards he may toss it to Kmet. It seems like they have something going on. Claypool and Fields may not be there yet, as far as connection. The reason why, I think I am overthinking it is because this week, is a must win.
Reason being everyone in this league that would be projected to go to the playoffs have really close records.

Sucky for me, 3 of the people that are projected are the ones who gave me my L’s.
That being said, if I were to win this one, it almost solidifies my way to the play offs. ( This is just my opinion and thoughts. )

As for Jefferson, he is back, he got a few touches on his return, but last week it seems like he got that connection with his QB, which is great, and Jefferson got at the very least 11 fantasy points.

If yall have any other suggestions, or I guess, thoughts on my thinking, or why one has more weight then the other, that would be great!!!

If not… Totally fine. You helped enough to narrow it down to these two.

Thanks again!

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It is very unlikely Claypool gets enough targets to make any kind of difference.
Hell, Mooney is dying for targets and clicked with Fields last year. Pass,

I am waiting to see on Mike Williams as well. If he plays he is good start. Herbert may throw to him a bunch just to show his arm still works.

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I got Christian Watson on the waiver. So I think Ill start Toney and Christian Watson. Hopefully the hype is worth it.

High risk, high reward. Great to see someone taking a shot with a gut feeling.
Best of luck to ya.

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I appreciate ya. I hope the same as well. Especially in my current situation. Ha ha.

@SoBe717 Also, now I am in a overthinking situation. . . . . . .

Pickens at Cinci? Pickens has faced them already, and IT WAS NOT GOOD as far as fantasy point wise. I think in my league he put up 1.5 or something very close to that.

Van Jefferson’s “Projection” is a little lower than Pickens, Jefferson- 8.2 and Pickens is at a 9.8
And Van Jefferson I think might have more to work with because Kupp is out. What’s your thoughts on that?

Also, no matter what. I am putting Toney in over McKinnon. I just seen that my roster had Mckinnon in instead of Toney. Ha ha.

I am not playing Pickins or Jefferson. End of story.

Ha ha Good to know! :slight_smile: