Lamar Jackson or Justin Fields Week 9

Yes, I’ve seen the Week 9 rankings, but I think I might start Justin Fields and sit Lamar Jackson. My thinking: Fields is hot, playing at home against a soft Miami defense. Lamar has little to no weapons (they’re all hurt) and plays a tough New Orleans defense, on the road, on Monday night. I can see Fields going off (25+ points) and Lamar giving me 15 or so points. Am I crazy? Please advise.

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I’d temper the Fields excitement. Claypool likely won’t be ready for this weekend. At best, they will use him in a few limited packages.

What works in your favor is that Miami tends to get involved in shootouts, which might force Chicago to start passing more. In addition, it is Miami’s pass defense that is weak, not their run defense. This bodes well for forcing Fields to throw it. If Fields can avoid picks like he did last week, he could put up a good game.

I probably would start Fields this week.