Week 12 in Review

A perfect week, despite one of the more horrible decisions I made in fantasy football when I benched Josh Jacobs.

Still went 4-1 in my 5 leagues, and that one L was highly welcome.

SFLEX dynasty: solid W. 10-2 in the league, and need only 1 W out of the remaining 2 games, to keep the #1 seed and get a week 15 BYE going into the playoffs.

1QB dynasty: L, and by almost 60 points. Ouch. Losing ETN right in the first quarter was a neck breaker. The rest played lackluster, only Pittman stood out. And my opponent delivered his best performance of the season. Anyway, I’m the #10 seed now, with #11 and #12 only 1 game behind. So I’m in the race for an early 2023 1st, which would allow me to fill the gap on RB and attack the playoffs next year. 4-8 is my record.

South Beach keeper league: this is where I benched Jacobs and started Najee Harris instead. Jacobs was a game-time decision, and I was concerned he could be on a snap count. Well, as we know, he wasn’t. Still won my matchup, albeit narrowly. 8-4 now, playoffs should be safe, and I’m still the highest scoring team in the league. The #1 seed lost, and the #2 seed will lose next week (@edmcgon :smiling_imp: ), so I’m hoping for a week 15 BYE here as well, going into the playoffs.

US-EU league: narrow W, and that one was important. 7-5 now, and this week, I’m playing the dominant team in the league. But the playoff spot is safe now. The regular season will end after week 13, and playoffs start in week 14, of which I’m not a fan at all, as week 14 still has BYEs. And they will hit me hard, with Fields, Pittman and Olave being unavailable for my first playoff match.

SFLEX tournament: another narrow W, and that opponent was competing. 7-5 now, only 1 game back from winning my division. 3 teams are 8-4, and I will play two of them in weeks 13 and 14. If I can pull that off, it would be a fantasy miracle, as I lost both QBs early in the season. But I’m still in business.

36-24 across all 5 leagues - not too bad, considering the circumstances.

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It’s good to have grandiose dreams. :wink:

I split my 4 games. I am in 1st and 2nd with 9-3 records in 2 leagues, favored in one and 2nd choice in the other behind a maven who hit 178 this week.

I did manage to come back from the dead and a horrible draft in Euro to be 6-6 with a fair shot at the playoffs. As of now I would project to play Zak in week 14.

My South Beach League is my most disappointing. I got beat to be sitting at 6-6 holding on to the last playoff spot by a hair.

Our 10 team league is very balanced. With 2 games left, 4 teams can end up first and the other 4 are within a game for the 5 and 6 playoff spot.

Two teams have been eliminated but still giving their all. They will have 2 of the top 4 draft spots come next season. We have consolation games for the bottom 4 teams to keep them playing and that determines the final draft order.

So, I am assured of a top 4 pick from my trade and my own pick could end up anywhere, Disappointing for sure. Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will be will be.

Did you notice 3 teams have clinched playoff berths: Krash Test Dummies, Georgia Rednex, and Hamburg Havoc. Only 3 spots left to claim, and they’re going fast! Ironically, the Rednex play Havoc this week, and the Dummies the following week. Talk about a rough way to Finish the season!

I assume the top 2 seeds get a bye in week 15?

Yes Ed I did. I was just pointing out that because of the balance in the league 8 teams are still in the hunt, a good thing.

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