Week 13 in Review

A few matchups are still up in the air, but it’s still early enough to call week 13 a total :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: of :poop:. And I haven’t even been hit by one of the countless QB injuries.

But at least, there were a few bright spots.

SFLEX dynasty: I’m leading by 6, and my opponent has Mike Evans going tonight. A likely L. I will still retain the #1 seed, but would better not lose again next week, if I want that week 15 BYE.

1QB dynasty: I’m the #10 seed and played the #12. And lost. And that’s great news. Still in the race for the 2023 1.01 or 1.02, that would greatly increase my title chances for next year.

South Beach: for some reason, there was no matchday there. Seems the league had a BYE week. That’s my story, and unless Rachaad White scores 42 tonight, I’m sticking to it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

US-EU: if Chris Olave scores 7 more than Ryan Succop, I’d beat the dominating team in this league. Doesn’t really matter, as my playoff spot is secure even with a L, and the #1 and #2 seed are out of reach, even with a W. But it would certainly be nice to end the regular season on a high-note.

SFLEX tournament: I need 10 half-PPR points from Olave to win my matchup against one of the 3 teams that are ahead of me. Another of those teams will lose their matchup as well. If I can pull off that W, only 1 team would have a better record in that division. And I’m playing them next week. Right now, the miracle is still alive.


I lost in my two dynasty leagues, and won everywhere else (assuming Rachaad White doesn’t get 42 points Monday night).


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In Euro I rolled the dice with Watson and CRAPS it was. Now I need TB to score 12 tonight or I’m done.

In Fins Heaven I lost but still #1 with Tim from Cosmic. I won in my other league and am still at #2 with a great manager #1. This week does not matter, just waiting for the playoffs.

In South Beach. who I saw having matches in my fantasy (lol), I made good moves with Pacheco and London but not Kyren and was down 35 going into Sunday night. Dallas D with 20 and Lamb bailed me out and I “should be” in the playoffs.

Herbert seems back to himself as does Swift to go with Etienne and Pacheco who has as easy a schedule as can be. Add in my dynamic duo at WR of AJ and Cee Dee with Schultz and D’s from Dallas and Balt.

I may even make some playoff noise. :slight_smile:

So I went 0-5 this week. :dotted_line_face:

Lost my SFLEX dynasty matchup by 6. Still the #1 seed, though.
Lost in my 1QB dynasty by 40. #11 seed now. 2023 1.02? I’ll take it!
Lost in SoBe by 27. Playoffs safe, week 15 BYE out of reach.
Lost in US-EU by 3. No implications, though. Playoffs start now.

And I lost in my SFLEX tournament by 1. Had Olave caught one more pass, I’d be the #2 seed now, playing the #1 seed for the division title. Instead, I’m #7 now. That I got that far after losing both my QBs early is still close to a miracle, but without a happy end.

I did lose my Euro game to get knocked out of the playoffs on points. :frowning: