Week 14 in Review

While I am as excited about the playoffs as all the rest, this is no excuse to not give week 14 a brief review, for it was an interesting week.

SFLEX dynasty: easy W, 11-3, going into the playoffs as the #1 seed, which means week 15 bye. Which I am quite happy about, as that gives me another week to evaluate if I can trust Rhamondre Stevenson in the playoffs. It would suck to lose him as my RB2 behind Ekeler, after having lost Breece Hall already. Zonovan Knight, Brian Robinson and D’Onta Foreman (and maybe even Damien Harris) stand at the ready in case Rhamondre remains OUT.

1QB dynasty: another easy W, though I would have much preferred to lose that one. 5-9, finishing as #10 seed (strong league!) and now hold the 1.03 pick for 2023. Had I lost, it would have been the 1.02. And for an RB needy team, that can make all the difference in the world. I will definitely try everything to trade up into the #2 or #1 spot, but that certainly won’t be easy.

South Beach keeper league: @August12 continued the trend that teams bring their best season performance against me. And so he beat me. The cheek! Finished 8-6 as the #4 seed. A win would have given me the #3 seed, so no week 15 BYE either way. And now I got the much easier opponent in round 1, so all is well (@SoBe717 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

US-EU redraft league: Playoffs started in week 14 already, and I had to replace 3 starters due to BYEs. Not a fan of that schedule, But I got an easy W and advanced to the semifinals. Where I now face the dominating team of the season, and as all my players have crappy matchups, my journey there could end this week.

SFLEX tournament: That one was really sad. As you may recall, I had basically given up on this one, after losing both my QBs early in the season. But then, my team started winning. Last week, I lost by less than 1 point, and this week, my team was the underdog - but pulled off another W. Finished the season 8-6 and are now bound for the playo… wait, WHAT? No, I actually got eliminated. The 8-6 record was only good enough for the #7 seed in my division. And you know what? Had I won last week, had one of my players just caught one more pass - I’d have won my division. I’m proud that I went down fighting, but that the difference between finishing as #1 and #7 in that division came down to just 1 fantasy point is just tragic.

And so I made the playoffs only in 3 out of 5 leagues. Final regular season record is 39-30 (only 13 games in 1 league), which is okay, considering that one of those leagues was an ongoing turnaround project.

Onwards and upwards.


In a pretty much useless week, I lost in Euro but I was out of playoffs and don’t care.

I won in our league and the Dolphins league but lost by 2 in the other with 4 players on bye. Moving on.

I play Tim in the semi final of the Dolphins league.

I play Zak in the first round in South Beach.

The other league plays a 15 game regular season which means nothing to me.

My highlights for week 14 were seeing players I picked up recently off waivers play well in Mike Williams, Pacheco, Dulcich, Peoples Jones and Dobbins.

Those moves can be difference makers in the playoffs and, in our league, hold value for next season.