Week 13 Injury News

TL;DR: All your players are injured. Good luck for the playoffs! :blush:

What a brutal week in terms of injuries, especially on QB. Personally, I can’t complain, didn’t lose a single player.

But the list would make for a fine fantasy roster:

Matt Stafford - spinal cord contusion. Season ending. Career-ending, likely.
Jimmy G - broken foot, season’s over.
Lamar Jackson - knee injury, tbd. Likely to miss time.
Tua - ankle, but was probably benched as a precaution only.
Patrick Mahones - limping heavily towards the end. Tbd.

Ken Walker - ankle, tbd. His backup is…
DeeJay Dallas - ankle, tbd. Seattle is down to Tony Jones on RB.
Aaron Jones - shin, tbd, but didn’t look too bad, + BYE coming up.
Michael Carter - low ankle sprain ( & probably lost his job to Zonovan Knight).

Treylon Burks - concussion.
Courtland Sutton - hamstring, tbd.
Quez Watkins - shoulder, tbd.
Jaylen Waddle - leg, looked miserable. Tbd.
Jakobi Meyers - head injury, tbd.

David Njoku - knee
Hayden Hurst - calf, tbd.
Isaiah Likely - shoulder, tbd.

So, whom to pick up next week?

The Rams backup QBs both are terrible, not worth picking up.

This year’s Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy, looked surprisingly comfortable quarterbacking the 49ers. Not a jaw-dropping performance, but solid all-around. He’ll probably be the #1 waiver pick next week, especially in SFLEX leagues. He’s a safe starter, as the Niners have nobody else. And their schedule is very soft.

Tyler Huntley has always been, and still is, a great backup for Lamar, who can utilize the full playbook and isn’t a huge downgrade on QB. Definitely worth picking up, first word on Lamar is “days to weeks, but not season ending”.

Tony Jones - if none of Walker, Dallas and Homer is back next week, Jones is all they got. Still not the most appealing target, unlike…

Zonovan Knight - hot damn, that kid looks good. If the owners in your league were careless enough to leave him on the WW, make sure that doesn’t happen again this week. Even if Carter will return next week, I’m not sure that backfield is still his.

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I tried to pick him up everywhere last week, and nowhere did I get him. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: