Last week sucked

Well last week sucked . Chargers got me zero and carter was no better off . Just cannot trust the jets . If played Stevenson would have won . Oh well . That sucks but it’s fantasy football . Thanks guys as always for ur inputs

Which def to start ? Have chargers atm but colts who are playing Titans are available as next best option

Half ppr

RB 2 : Dillon or Stevenson . No great option at waiver wire
Flex : R Doubs or G Wilson or D Moore or C Samuel

I cannot decide . The guy I am playing is favoured by 20 lol

Starting J Williams as my first RB as Swift hurt

My QB is Wentz and I’m not at all confident of starting him but waiver options include Rush, Garoppolo , Brisset , Trubisky

So what and who should I start in all the above positions .

Thanks and good luck

It can always be worse. In my SFLEX half-PRP dynasty, I have Breece Hall, Michael Carter, Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson. 4 RBs that are all lottery starts at the moment. :sweat_smile:

Everybody was pretty optimistic about the Colts DEF, but so far, they’ve been underwhelming. The Bolts don’t look that much better, though.

What else do you have on the waiver wire?

Go for the upside candidates then.

On RB, that’s Stevenson. On FLEX, it’s a close call between Doubs and Samuel. Samuel has more targets and is the safer option. Doubs had a breakout game, but there is no guarantee at all that he will repeat that on a weekly basis now. Starting him is a gamble.

You can pair Wentz with Samuel and hope for a good game. If that pays out, it could give you the boost to overcome the 20 point difference in projections. But it’s not the most appealing approach, I have to admit.

Or you start Brissett. He’s been surprisingly solid so far, and has gotten better every week. And he has a very soft matchup vs. the Falcons this week.

Good luck!

Thanks so much .
Options for def is not great on waivers

Only colts then bengals , dolphins, cardinals , lions .

So guess will start Samuel but its a toss up

What about the def then : bolts or colts or any waiver wire options

For QB : wentz is there but other options not that enticing and I dont trust Brissett!

Thanks a ton guys

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For defenses, the Dolphins are probably the best overall YTD. However, the Chargers are the top projected DST this week, with Houston as their opponent.

I would look to stream your defenses going forward, just looking for good opportunities, rather than trying to ride one mediocre defense for long stretches. It takes more work, but it pays off in the long run.

As for your WR’s, I think Garrett Wilson has the highest ceiling against a struggling Steeler defense, although Curtis Samuel is the safest floor based on his targets. I don’t trust Doubs against New England, as Belichick knows how to shut down WR’s if he decides to do so, and Doubs is the most obvious target in Green Bay.

Wentz is probably the best choice, although the game script could turn on him. Cooper Rush is leading a blessed life, and if the game script goes Dallas’s way, expect this: Dallas will dominate with their running game, owning time of possession, keeping the Washington offense off the field (this is actually a second reason to prefer Garrett Wilson over Curtis Samuel). Rush won’t provide you with killer stats, but he might give you a safe floor, with 200+ pass yards and a td or 2.

That said, I wouldn’t get rid of Wentz. He’ll be back to normal next week. They have a nice matchup with Tennessee next week.

I just read chargers are also down some more cbs so lots injuries issues ! Though they ranked higher i picked up colts for the time being . Maybe if hear some thing pick up charges again!

As for flex : you are right . A toss up between wilson and samuel . Though dont know how wilson will play with new qb change

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My gut feeling is positive on Zack Wilson. If this offense can make a washed-up Joe Flacco look good, imagine what it could do to a raw talent like Zack Wilson?

But can we really trust Zach Wilson to handle an 80% increase in passing volume, without producing a Winston’esque INT festival?

He had 11 INTs to his 9 TDs last year already, when throwing 29 passes per game. If he wants to keep up with Flacco’s pace, he’d have to throw 52 now.

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I’d go Dillon and Samuel. Pack big favorites at home and Dillon gets a lot of goal line opportunities methinks. He may end up with 100 APY and a TD or 2. I’d lean Samuel but Wilson is close. Ride the Samuel wave while he’s healthy

Look closer at Zach Wilson’s games last season. His first 7 games: 4 td’s, 10 picks. Last 6 games: 5 td’s, 1 pick. He was trending positively.

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True, but you can also read another story into that data.

Let’s split Wilson’s 2021 season in two. The first 5 weeks, until their BYE, disregarding week 7, when he got injured, and then the last 7 games from weeks 12-18, after his return.

For the TD-INT ratio, the message seems to be clear: 5-9 in the first half, 5-2 in the second.

But how did he get there?

First half of the season: 34 pass attempts per game, 223 yards per game (6.5 per att).

Second half of the season: 29 pass attempts per game, 166 yards per game (5.7 per att).

He got his INTs under control by throwing a lot less, and a lot shorter.

Flacco’s stats in weeks 1-3 this year: 52 pass attempts per game. 300 yards per game (5.7 per att).

So in terms of yards per attempt, Flacco wasn’t any deeper than Wilson was in the second half of the 2021 season. In terms of volume, he was. He threw 80% more passes than the improved 2021 Wilson did.

And that’s why I think the key question is: can the 2022 Wilson handle that kind of volume without returning to his 2021 INT numbers? Cutting down on his passing volume was the key to get his INTs under control in 2021.

Can we trust him to not return there, if the Jets’ plan is indeed to amp it up by 80% now? I have my doubts.

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Fair points. But if they “amp it up” by throwing more to the RB’s and TE’s, is that necessarily a bad thing? Considering their RB’s, I’d say it still could be a positive. They have some seriously good RB’s.

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Maybe. But 5.7 yards per attempt is really short. That’s below 2021 Ben Roethlisberger (aka the king of dump-offs), who had 6.1. Trevor Lawrence had 6.0 last year (and 7.0 now).

Can Wilson pull it off? Maybe. Will the Jets be successful that way? Probably not. If such a dink-and-dunk game promised success, more teams would try it. It helps the QB’s stat line, but sadly for us, NFL coaches seem to worry more about winning their matchups, rather than helping us win ours. :sweat_smile:

I honestly have no idea what the Jets will try with Wilson. Could be we see the same offense as with Flacco, could be they look entirely different. Could be Wilson has improved and can handle an increased workload, could be he busts entirely and we will see Flacco back in 3 weeks already.

My best guess is: Wilson will throw less passes than Flacco, but deeper ones, which will lead to more big plays, but also more INTs, and thus, less TD opportunities for the WRs.

If the risks or the upside will weigh heavier, only time can tell.

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