Week 1 QB jitters- need help

Should I start Stafford tonight or roll the dice with Lance against Da Bears? 6 Point passing TD makes me leaning Stafford but Buffalo could make a statement tonight. Playing the guy with Kupp also if that helps sway anything.

Lance for me. Buffalo juiced up their D, so I don’t think the Rams can steamroll them tonight. Lance on the other hand has a nice matchup. And even if he won’t score more passing TDs, his rushing production will still be worth the same.

I’d go with the devil you know. Even with a sore elbow, Stafford is an established elite QB. Lance is basically a rookie in his first game with way more faceplant potential than Stafford. Plus it’s more likely tonight’s game is a shootout, whereas SF could just control the ball on the ground and beat Chicago.

Buffalo will be without Tre White and must choose between rookie options to replace him as number one CB. High chance of high scoring.


If the o-line can stop what looks to be a brutal pass rush this year. I wouldn’t bet on that.

Already have, the over it is.

One point for Zak, I lost.

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You never really know what to expect in week 1. But I did remember that Stafford led the league in INTs last year. And the reinforced Buffalo D suggested that their pass rush would be brutal.

Overall, the game went more or less like I had expected, but I certainly did not expect 7 sacks, and the Bills keeping the Rams at 10 points at home.

The only Rams player that appears to be safe for fantasy purposes is Cooper Kupp, who just continued where he had left off last season.

The rest will certainly get better as the season progresses, but none of them is a surefire fantasy starter at this point.

Now, we still have to wait for Lance’s performance on Sunday. But it looks quite likely at this point that those who started him over Stafford will have made the right decision.

So, the game went as expected other than the 7 sacks and the score?
Funny, me too. :slight_smile:

No worries i started him against the Kupp owner and was promptly outscored by 19 lol. Fuckin A thats what i get

I had expected a higher overall score. Something like 37-27.

Its the Motown Matty is back !!!