Who to cut/trade away

I have 3 QBs. Lamar, Dak, and Stafford. Obviously, I am not moving Lamar but between Dak and Stafford who deserves to stay? Thanks.

Why are you “obviously” not moving Lamar?

Stafford is the best scoring one of the 3. The Rams are on fire. He’s a keeper.

Dak already had his BYE. He is a bit dinged up, so there are lingering injury concerns. But his team is also on fire. And he has by far the best schedule for the fantasy playoffs:
Week 14: @ WSH
Week 15: @ NYG
Week 16: WSH
Week 17: ARI (not great, but Stafford plays @ BAL that week, so you’re good)

Lamar has the lowest floor of all 3. If you remove his absolutely stellar week 5 performance, he’s only a high-end fantasy QB2 playing for a struggling team this year. He’s on BYE this week, and he’s unusable during the fantasy playoffs.

If this is a redraft league, I’d cut Lamar. Or cut Dak, if you are concerned about his health. But if you make the playoffs and Dak is still healthy by then, you’ll curse yourself for it.

I’m not moving ANY of those 3. Do you really want to face one of them in the playoffs?

I have Lamar and Dak (and Derek Carr) in one superflex league. I’m not even thinking about dropping one of them. Even in a 1 QB league, I wouldn’t drop them. (I might trade them for a better RB/WR, but that’s another discussion)


Don’t drop any of them- I would honestly consider trading Lamar- a lot of people are honest interested in his name and you could probably get a lot for him.
I guess what’s the scoring like in your league? For rushing and passing touchdowns, if they’re the same that’s what I would do.