Another must win week

Well looks like a knock out games for me already . Win next two and in the playoffs .
Play the highest scoring team this week

Half PPR .

QB question

Prescott vs colts or Watson @ Houston

RB to start Choose two

*Stevenson vs Bills *
*Swift vs Jaguars *
*Jamal Williams vs Jaguars *
R white vs Saints

Flex To Start

*Either one of the Remaining Running Backs or *
G Wilson at Minnesota
Pickens @ Atlanta

Def to Start

*Tampa vs Saints *
Steelers @ Atlanta

Well really need your help this week as cant afford to goof up

Thanks so much

And good luck all

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Stevenson is a must start every week, mainly when the half PPR is considered, because he does a lot of his damage receiving. And no, Buffalo doesn’t scare me, as they’ve given up 7 double digit games to RB’s this year, including Jamaal Williams last week.

Speaking of Jamaal Williams, he’s my other pick this week. Jacksonville’s run defense doesn’t scare anyone, and he seems to be doing better than backfield companion Swift.

Give me Wilson on this one, With Mike White at QB, he’s suddenly golden.

I would lean towards the Steelers this week. They’ve had a mini-resurgence with the return of TJ Watt, scoring double digits in 2 of the last 3 weeks, and Atlanta’s offense isn’t formidable. Even though Tampa put up 26 on New Orleans earlier this year, that was with Jameis Winston at QB. Winston was giving up a lot of sacks before he got benched.

Thanks man and who u like the QB
What i saw last week was swift was getting lots targets and williams zero

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My bad. I prefer Dak for now. Until we see Watson in action, I’d be reluctant to start him. And Dak has a decent matchup against the Colts.

Great makes sense .
I agree with everything !

Just some stats from last week

Swift played 34 percent snaps
5 carries and 8 targets with 4 receptions

Jamal Williams played 42 percent snaps
18 carries and 0 targets

Last 4 weeks no targets for Jamal williams

Rashad White played 64 percent snaps when Lenny was active and 90 percent when he was inactive last week

Just some info .

So its clear flex has to be G wilson
But RB : one is confirmed : Stevenson
Second : Toss up between White or Jamal or swift . Looks williams is safest . Maybe Swift has more upside and can get more catches

Lastly Def : Steelers are very inconsistent and so Is Tampa . Who is weaker offence . Looks Atlanta . Guess go with Steelers .
But seen always tampa / New Orleans low scoring

Just wanna cover all bases as really cant afford a loss

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Prescott over Watson by 3-4 points
Stevenson, Williams, Swift, White in that order. Stevenson a clear choice, tossup between Williams and Swift, White a couple of points behind those two.
Wilson 3-4 points ahead of Willams, White, Pickens.
Tampa over New Orleans by a couple points
Steelers Atlanta almost a tossup. Slight edge to Steelers