Need a QB This Week

Stroud @ Falcons
Stafford vs Eagles
Love @ Raiders (I have Aaron Jones - not sure if that matters)
Goff vs Panthers


Love is my choice and already added him to one league due to a bye.

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Stafford should have Kupp back and go crazy.

All of those picks have potential. I don’t know how explosive Kupp looked in practice, or if he’ll be on a snap count, but that makes Stafford really appetizing. Eagles have a good defense but if they don’t get a good pass rush or have to commit resources to Williams, than Stafford may have a chance to put up big numbers…likewise if the Eagles score. Goff and Love have good matchups…and Stroud just looks good…tough call. My vote is Stafford but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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In his last 17 games Stafford has scored 20 fantasy points twice. Lots of yards but few TDs and lots of picks.