Trey Lance for OBJ?

I play in a 12-Team keeper league, where the roster maximum is 15 players, and you can only keep 5 players. (3 yr max for each keeper). In addition, any player drafted in the first and second round of the previous year is ineligible as a keeper the following year. That said, Barkley, Montgomery, Ridley, and Robinson are ineligible as keepers for 2022.

Trey Lance has become available in my league. Would you release OBJ to acquire Lance? Lance would be a keeper for 2022. Or, do you think OBJ has enough value this year to keep him on my roster?

I can’t imagine that very many QBs would be kept from year to year in that format, especially one like Lance. You’d burn one of the three years you can keep him with him just riding the bench all season.

I think I"d keep OBJ for now (and I’m no particular fan).

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Thanks for the reply.

You’d be surprised… this year Rodgers, Jackson, Brady, Tannehill, Allen, Murray, Herbert, and Prescott were all keepers. Luckily Jackson, Brady, Tannehill, Allen, Murray, and Prescott all go back into the available player pool for 2022.

I won the championship in 2020, but it was a struggle at QB with the likes of Wentz, Goff (via trade), then Ryan (via trade). I have one of the best teams this year (ranked 2nd), but I waited on a QB until the 9th round (Cousins). But, to your point, with the RB/WR’s I have now, I likely wouldn’t be keeping Lance anyway. You pretty much confirmed what I was thinking, and steered me from making a knee jerk reaction.

Thanks again for your input, and good luck this year! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, as Sun Tzu once said, when your opponent is making a mistake, don’t stop him.

(If he didn’t say that, he should have.)

You were lucky. You had Axe Elf to stop you.

And thanks for illustrating my point about esteeming QBs as you would a K or a D. You won a Championship using multiple QBs and throwing them away like disposable forks. Treating them like valued assets is an error.

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I do not place high value on QBs, but I also have never played in a keeper league. My opinion on QBs is unless you are getting mahomes, Murray or Jackson. All will give you similar numbers and you can pluck them off waivers when needed. I’d keep OBJ and I’m not a big fan of his but I think he is number one target there and based on your team it’s a strength. Maybe down the road you can parlay that into an RB where I think you need help

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Thank you for saving me, oh knowledgeable one! LOL! Love the Sun Tzu reference, btw!

Went into the draft this year thinking I won with that hot mess at QB once… I can do it again! Then decided to load up current and future (keeper) talent. Kirk Cousins… LET’S ROLL!!! :laughing:

Thanks again for the advice!

Thanks for the input, Tom. You’re right! And clearly that was my strategy this year… waiting to grab Cousins in the 9th round. That said, Mahomes was acquired as a free agent late in the 2017 season in our league, and ended up being a keeper for 2018 and 2019. Josh Allen was acquired by the same owner via FA in 2019, and has been a keeper the past two years. With our system an owner can sometimes hit on a gem. OBJ clearly has more value than Lance right now. I’m gonna stick with Cousins, OBJ, and the rest of my squad, and see how things play out.

Btw… I’m always looking for trade bait. I’m kind of known as the “Farm System” in our league. So, OBJ could very well end up on some other squad by year’s end. :wink:

Thanks again… and Good Luck!!