HELP! I need 1 of these players as my keeper

Im in a 12 Team 1/2 pt PPR league…slightly QB heavy (1 pt/25 passing yd, 1 Pt per 10 rushing and +1 for completions / -1 for incompletions, and 5 pts for TD pass), Who do I keep…I pick 12th

5th Rd Swift
11th Rd Josh Allen
2nd Rd Tyreek Hill
3rd Rd Allen Robinson

Hard to walk away from Josh Allen at that price. The others are priced closer to where they are worth.

I agree…I’m thinking of going WR, WR, with my first 2 picks…I should be able to grab 2 of these…Hill, Hopkins, Ridley and than go heavy on RB’s with 3 out of 4 of my following picks. Mock drafts are getting me steady A’s plus / 90 plus with this strategy.

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I hate to waste a keeper on a QB but I might do it.

Swift or Allen for me…flip a coin

This is a sure sign that you’re doing something wrong. Getting approval from a draft analyzer is the kiss of death. It only means that you did the best job of drafting according to consensus player values (which as we all know are nothing like the standings at the end of the season). So it looks like you better go RB/RB.

And yes, keep Allen.

Brother…I wish I had seen your reply earlier…I went WR, WR (Ive never done that in over 25 years of playing fantasy)…although D. Adams fell to me …grabbed him and RIdley…unfortunately, I’m gonna need everything to break my way at RB this year…I ended up with Swift, Javonte Williams, AJ Dillon, and Sermon. Good luck with your season.

Ouch. Well, hopefully you will not have died in vain. Let your result be a solemn lesson to those considering Kelce in the first, or even a WR/WR start.

Thanks AxeElf…Still not giving up…I’m going to have to catch a few breaks and work the waiver wire…which I’v done with quite a bit of success each year… Did you draft your team/teams yet? Either way, good luck on the upcoming season.

51 down, 9 to go…