12-man keeper options

In 3rd year of 12 man PPR keeper league. Need to keep 3 players but lose round they were drafted. I have 2nd overall pick. Considering keeping (Etienne, Akers & Dobbins) wondering what others may think? Keeper options are as follows:
Kelce 1st
Hill or Zeke 2nd (can only keep 1)
Lamar 5th
Lance 16th
Etienne 16th
Akers 16th
Dobbins 16th
16th rounders we’re picked up and kept on roster but were not drafted)

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Welcome aboard!

This may be a risky play, but I like Akers, Lance, and Etienne.

Forget Kelce for the 1.02 pick. You can get a lot more for that than Kelce.

I assume Hill or Zeke are also both 1st rounders? See Kelce above.

Lamar in the 5th is tempting, but I’m worried he might be hitting the running QB cliff. And if he tails off, can Dobbins be far behind?

Akers is a bargain play for a 16th round pick. Lance and Etienne are both risky, but with their upside, they could be league-winners.

In your draft, try to get some guys who can be solid in upcoming years.

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Hill and Zeke are both 2nd round draft picks. I drafted Zeke but traded for Hill last season. I can only keep 1 of them cause I only have 1 second round pick

OMG you axed it twice.

And OMGOMG, someone told you to keep LANCE!

You can’t make this stuff up.

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Why is that a big deal? Lance’s upside for a 16th round pick? I’m going to have to assume either you’re being sarcastic, or you’re having a stroke.

Look, even if you buy into all the unwarranted hype over a single pass in preseason (other than that, he was 3 of 4 for 16 yards), Dobbins is still a MUCH greater value.

Even behind his hype train, Lance’s ADP in 12 team single QB leagues is 105.37. Dobbins is 39.02. So you can keep an early 4th round value as your 16th round pick, or you can keep a late 9th round value for your 16th round pick.

Your call, but let’s not act like it’s a close one.

You’re comparing apples to oranges. Why not compare Akers to Dobbins? Akers is the unquestioned lead RB for the Rams, while Dobbins is just the RB2 in Baltimore, behind Lamar Jackson (Huntley when Jackson is hurt).

In all seriousness, there is no lead RB among his keepers. I’d suggest grabbing one with the 1.02. Meanwhile, taking Lance at least gives him a shot at a potential QB1, as opposed to an RB3 with Dobbins.

You’re tapdancing furiously, but the bottom line is Lance is a late 9th round pick in a league like this, and Dobbins is an early 4th round pick.

It’s that way for a reason. QBs–even good ones–are worth about as much relative to other skill positions as Kickers and Defenses are. There are always plenty of them with good matchups that week on the waiver wire, and if you don’t have one of the top 5 or so, QB6 through QB17 all score within about 5 points of each other anyway.

In small single-QB leagues, they’re just not hot commodities.

9th round versus 16th round? I’ll take that bargain!

As for RB’s, how many RB’s will he be starting? I can’t imagine more than 2, plus he’ll probably get one with the 1.02 pick. Keeping 3 RB’s and drafting one is nuts.

No, 4th round vs 9th round, for the price of a 16th round.

Assuming that he would do that is nutsier.

That’s two strawman fallacies in one post.

Do better.

So 4th round versus 16th round? Bigger steal!

Sorry if I debunked everything you said. Maybe you should do better?

Thank you. Dobbins it is.

Being stupid means never having to say you’re sorry. At least not for that.

Just because idiots are taking Dobbins in the 4th round doesn’t make him the better choice. Unless you’re @AxeElf, then I guess it does.

I would never expect you to say you’re sorry for being stupid.