Trading for Kittle

Seeking advice in a trade for Kittle. I am deep at RB, looking for an upgrade to my roster with similar value for both teams in the deal. Thoughts on a Montgomery for Kittle offer?

Current Roster
QB - Hurts, Burrow
RB - Cook, Henderson, Mixon, Harris, Montgomery, Carson
WR - Lamb, Diggs, Aiyuk, Higgins, Golladay
TE - Higbee

We’re talking redraft league here?

I don’t blame you for reaching for Kittle. Montgomery seems expendable, though we don’t know what he will look like after another week of rest. If he comes back at full strength, there is a certain risk you will miss him during the playoffs, especially if one of your starters should go down.

I’d prefer to trade Carson away. It’s not much more than a gut feeling, but I don’t think his neck injury is fully healed. There is a risk he’ll remain limited for the rest of the season.

Redraft league, standard format. Thanks! Losing a RB concerns me and I have Montgomery head and shoulders above Harris in Carson in my pecking order.

Initial talks with the other owner, Carson and Harris are a no-go. Appreciate the feedback!

Honestly, I’m not sold on Kittle as an “elite” TE any more. He has his days, but two seasons of injury prone makes me leery of wanting him as a TE. There are better options.

I dont think of him as elite. Looking for a boost to my line-up while dealing from a position of strength. Best laid plans are only an injury away from becoming a dumpster fire though!

Co-worker over heard the discussion and wanted in (they need RB help). Looks like I am getting Pitts from another team instead. Ill take that deal all day long. Thanks for the input.

i would get him if i were you

Neither do I, but if we are talking about a solution for the next 7 weeks only, then he might just work. His schedule looks workable. Biggest risk is that the Niners may be out of playoff contention soon, and rest him during the fantasy playoffs, in case his injury is still lingering.

Pitts is a much better option than Kittle!

Or he gets re-injured.