Trade Advice Please?

So have started out 2-0, which I am really happy with for my team.
I’m loaded at reciever and have a lot of guys with upside still I think.
Here is my team:-
QB: Stafford
RB: Elliott, Carson, Lindsay
WR: Hill, Kupp, Cooks, Juedy, Aiyuk, Pittman, Crowder, Renfrow, Gallup
TE: Cook, Kmet

Obviously I need some help at RB. So here is a trade I am thinking of offering up:

I give: Zeke, Aiyuk and Kmet
I get: Chubb and Damien Harris

The guy has tried to trade for Aiyuk and Kmet from me the last couple of weeks. Thoughts on it?

Also was thinking if I could try use Zeke to buy low on an RB that may have struggled early like Harris, Gibson, Barkley, or Mixon maybe.
Which would be a better option?


Your RB’s are fine. You just need more depth. Look to trade some of your WR’s for some RB depth, or hit the waiver wire if there is anything useful there.

Good trade for you. You’ll acquire a solid Chubb/Carson/Harris/Lindsay backfield without touching your top 4 WRs.

I agree with AxeElf - you are trading a stud for a stud with Zeke and Chubb and also getting Harris who is the only game in town in NE. As far as using Zeke to get a struggling RB - those RB’s are struggling for a reason. leave that along