Should I trade Montgomery for Aaron Jones+?

I would be trading Montgomery and Sutton and receieving Aaron Jones and Lockett (or Pitts).

10 team, standard scoring and roster settings, but we have a 3rd WR slot where we can start a WR or a TE, so must start 3 pass catchers.

I am in 1st place and my starting roster includes Jonathan Taylor, Mixon, and Monty at RB and Hill, Kupp at WR. My 3rd WR/TE slot is where it gets dicey because it’s a crapshoot between guys like Mooney, Renfrow and Sutton.

I am torn on whether giving up a healthy Monty and his nice playoff schedule is worth the risk for Jones and upgrade at my 3rd WR/TE slot.

any thoughts/advice?

I would do that if you could get Pitts

In a league that does not require to start a TE? No.

In half PPR, Pitts poduction is in the WR3/4/FLEX range. In a redraft league, I would prefer Lockett, who is a slight upgrade over Sutton. Pitts isn’t.

The real story here is trading away Montgomery for Aaron Jones. I would usually pefer Jones here, but of course, there’s the injury risk.

You don’t get much of an upgrade on your WR/TE flex. So if you are concerned about Jones’ health - keep Montgomery.

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we do start 1 TE, and i have kittle so i’m good there. I’m trying to upgrade that WR/TE slot, but I don’t think this is the deal I need. appreciate the input!

You got Hill AND Cupp? Sonuva…

But back to the original question…

I’d rather have Monty than Jones. And Sutton and Lockett are a wash to me. I rather like your options now. Streaming the best between Mooney, Renfrow and Sutton is easily better than Lockett by himself.


I’d stand pat and keep running out Renfrow as WR/TE as he has safest, reliable floor.

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thanks! I agree. I declined the trade offer in hopes I can pick the right streaming option between those guys.

yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I have great high ceiling players so starting a player with a high floor, but low ceiling isn’t a bad idea to balance it all out.