Need RB...Curtis Samuel plus (pick among Dillon, Penny, Stevenson) for Josh Jacobs?

If I could do this straight up probably a no-brainer but not sure I can. Would you do Samuel plus one of those guys for Jacobs?

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Seems like a pretty even trade in PPR or half-PPR; Jacobs would get a bit of an advantage in standard scoring leagues. I sure wouldn’t throw in anyone else, though.

As a Raider fan, I can tell you Jacobs is a mirage. He will put together some seriously great games…until he breaks down. This is why the Raiders didn’t pick up his option year.

But if you REALLY want Jacobs, make the deal Samuel and Penny. At least you are trading equal injury risks.

Going different path now. 3-2 through Week 5 with:

Pitts ('nuff said)
and then a mix of Stevenson, AJ Dillon, Etienne, Doubs, Curtis Samuel to fill out RB and FLex

Obviously Hurts/Diggs/Adams combo are pulling the weight so would like to build up RB. Sooooooo…

Kirk Cousins/AJ Dillon/Kyle Pitts and maybe Samuel FOR Alvin Kamara/George Kittle??

Trade target is bottom of standings, no backup QB heading into a bye and I’m hoping wants to shake up his lineup. Too much to give up? Basically trying to snag Kamara and unload Pitts.

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I see you trading away RB depth here, but not really picking up much. Kamara’s PPR/half PPR value will drop when Winston gets healthy. Don’t trade just to trade.