Time to make a move?

Hey guys,

So my teams 2-1 after 3 weeks. Got unlucky with a loss in week 2. But top scored this week and looking solid so far.

Here’s my team(0.5ppr, 3WR, flex):-
QB: Burrow
RB: Barkley, Harris, Jacobs
WR: Kirk, Cooper, McLaurin, Mike Williams, DeVonta Smith, Juedy, Dotson, Robbie Anderson
TE: Irv Smith

So I am pondering whether now might be a good time to make a move. I have a lot of depth at WR and think I could easily trade 1 or 2. I’m not buying anyone saying sell Najee Harris (or even Jacobs) right now given how bad RB has been so far this season
Obviously my hole is at TE.

I was thinking of going after Kittle or Waller. Would love to go for Kelce or Andrews, but just don’t think I have the pieces to do it.
I would be open to trading Williams or McLaurin given I feel confident in the other 5 receivers I have to start (I think the broncos offence will click soon, and Juedy will be just fine)

Here is something I was thinking:-
I give: Williams and Dotson
I get: Kittle and Akers
Helps me with TE and RB depth. Thoughts on that?
Any other deals you think I should try and make??


If you believe in Kittle and Akers, then now is a good time to buy them. However:

Kittle had health issues once again. His snap count on Sunday suggests he is at 100% again, but how long will that last? The upside is there, though. Jimmy G looked terrible, but that can actually be good news for the TE. Or maybe it won’t - we simply don’t know yet.

Akers is a player I would not trade for right now, though. The Rams offense isn’t even close to their 2021 level, and Akers still has Henderson breathing down his neck. Will Akers have a few good games? Sure. But can we start him with confidence this season? Doesn’t look like it.

Now, Williams and Dotson may look like expendable assets, and they probably are. I’m not sure his owner will trade you Kittle for one of them, though. Asking never hurts, and if he doesn’t like Dotson, offer him McLaurin instead.

But don’t cut your receiver corps down too much. Kirk and Cooper may be good right now, but can we really trust them to play on that level all season long? And I have my doubts that Jeury will be just fine this season.

Top scoring team at 2-1 after an unlucky loss?

Time to make moves!


Not worth discussing until the other owner shows interest in making that trade, and frankly, he’ll probably laugh in your face with Akers and Kittle both on the rise, while Williams and Dotson are coming off a weekend in which they COMBINED for 3 receptions on 14 targets for 25 yards.