Trade for Kamara?

I can keep 5, but I currently only have 4 sure keepers: Keenan Allen, Diggs, Dionte Johnson, and Kelce. I lost my RB in Chris Carson and I only have 4th or 5th tier backs on my roster outside of that (best being Sony Michelle, whic should tell you a lot). I just received an offer to trade the 1.7 and 3.7 picks for Kamara. I need some advice!! FYI this is a 12 team PPR league, and the lineup is 1QB, 1 RB, 2WR, 1TE, and 2 flex. Thanks!

Remember that Kamara has been arrested after the Pro Bowl, and the video evidence does not look pretty. He is likely to miss a sizeable portion of the season.

I guess that most startable RBs in your league won’t hit the draft, so I understand the need to trade for one. But Kamara is a very risky asset. The price isn’t outrageous, but you will still need another RB for the games that Kamara will miss.

What RBs do you expect to be available with the 1.07 in your draft?

That is an excellent point about Kamara pending suspension, which I had somewhat forgotten. Thanks for that tip, I’m going to decline the trade.

The best RBs that will be available are most likely rookies and 5th tier running backs. I’m considering going after Kenneth Walker with my pick, of course depending on what else is available. My league is pretty shrewd, so that’s my best guess on the situation. I live in the Seattle area and most local sports people are saying that Carson is going to have to retire. The neck injury he has is similar to Cam Chancelor’s and that ended his career. I’m assuming he will not play.

I am also considering offering a trade for Najee Harris, who was put on the trade block. I’d most likely have to offer up a key player and my first round pick this year and possibly next year as well, or two firsts and two seconds, something along that line. I was considering Kelce as a part of the deal with a couple of firsts, but I’m nervous about offering too much and losing a key part of my team. I usually play the streaming TE game for most leagues, but it sure is nice to just play Kelce and not worry about it.

If you time to let me know what you think about all this, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you for the input you’ve already provided!


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Najee Harris will cost a lot. But you only need one starting RB, and Harris would fill the bill nicely. You can make the offer, but I’m not sure it will get accepted.

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This offseason could be the last time you will be able to get something in return for Kelce. He may have 2 more good seasons in him, but that’s the only reason he still carries some value. As soon as he starts showing signs of regression, or will get seriously injured, his trade value will plummet to zero immediately.

If you can get Najee Harris for Kelce plus 2 picks, I would at least consider it.

The other option is to try and trade for an undervalued lower-tier RB. Josh Jacobs is such a candidate. There is a good chance he’ll play his best fantasy season so far, which could even push him into RB1 territory. But his outlook beyond the 2022 season is bleak, so his current owner may be ready to trade him for a reasonable price.

You can also test the waters with the Travis Etienne owner. ETN is a risky asset, typical boom-or-bust candidate. He has no floor, but a high ceiling. For the right price, you can take the risk.

An RB I would absolutely recommend to stash in PPR formats is Nyheim Hines. It sounds like the Colts intend to transform him into a WR. As long as he does not lose his RB eligibility, that could turn him into a sneaky play. The pass catcher corps isn’t very deep beyond Michael Pittman. If Hines can establish himself as the #3 (or even #2) target in Indy, he could have a pretty strong fantasy season ahead of him.

Good luck for your season!

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Thanks ZakHH! I really appreciate the advice and input. Good luck in your season as well

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