Trade Thoughts on Jameson & Others

I am re-structuring a trade. I had a #2 pick, which in our hybrid 10 keeper league projects to a #5 overall, a top 3 WR and give that up.

In return I take Jameson Williams, suspended after Lions had him in a bubble last season. He has dropped to a WR4 or 3 for some.

Looks like a dumb trade but, I believe in Jameson and see him as much better than any of this year’s top 3. Before injury he was ranked #1 last year over stars.


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What is Jameson worth, pick-wise?

You tell me? I think he is better than the 3 rookie WRs making him a #3 but few agree.

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No, I mean if he is your keeper at draft time?

Has to be and costs me a keeper and roster spot during suspension. Again, a high risk/high reward. I love to roll the dice on top talent.

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One more time, what is the keeper cost? The draft pick you will lose at draft time because you decided to keep him?

South Beach sends RB Swift, M Wiliams and a 5th rounder to Cosmic for J Williams, Debo, an 8th and 2024 1 and 2.

This is the complete deal which Kevin just approved.

Consider, I have no interest in Debo. other than he allows me to drop the keeper cost of AJ. Williams does the same for Cosmic’s Pierce, etc.

On the surface, seems like a big deal but is not close. I gamble on Jameson and next year’s #1, Tim gambles on Swift in Philly.

For me, it is a second. third tier trade.

Here’s another trade just approved.

I trade the 4.01 pick to Zak for the 6.01 and Henry.

Zak frees up his 2.01 pick and I get Henry to take my 2nd to drop cost of Lamb.

He may or may not play well but this was the basis of the deal for an old RB.

Sorry, last season I took him on IR and was a waiver add. So my 16 pick.

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Last combined re-structured off season trade.

Village gets Pacheco, Dionte, my 6 and 12 picks this year And Burks.

South Beach gets his 8, 5 and Allen this year

In 2024, Village gets a 2nd rounder.

ISouth Beach gets his 1st and 4th.

Draft pick trades are done for the off season unless exchanging them is resolved by Yahoo. Player trades can be done.

Managers can agree to deals among themselves without my involvement.

My new keepers:

2 Henry
3 Brown
4 Allen
5 Williams
6 Traded
7 Lamb
8 Etienne
9 Akers
10 Herbert
11 London
16 Jameson

Debo and M Williams were exchanged to allow for keeper correction with Cosmic on Pierce.

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