Traded Achane for a 1st and 2nd

Achane is Great to have but I don’t think he will be the same to count on. I project my return to be a top 4 pick with the #5 pick in our keeper league.

I’m good with that in this coming draft. In other drafts, I do not make this deal.

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If you aren’t looking to win this year, I LOVE this trade! Awesome!

You said the pick is top 4-5, and I have to add something to it. I watched the USC-Notre Dame game last Saturday. Caleb Williams did NOT impress me. Notre Dame made him look bad. If Notre Dame can make him look bad, what will an NFL defense do? Exactly. But, you won’t get him at 4-5, so that works for you. You can get some quality there. You go!

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I’m 5-1 with the best roster in this league, one of three I fully intend to win.

Caleb was bad with 3 picks, many batted balls, yelling at players and coaches and not reading D’s. There are 4 1st round QBs in this draft.

I have Harrison, Bowers, 4 RBs and 6 more WRs all before looking at a QB.
Bowers is having ankle surgery and out 4-6 week but a generational TE
I believe these WRs are better than the group we had two years ago
The top 4 RBs are really good with at least two who can be special.

They say Achane can be back week 11 after the bye but I have doubts. As to his future, I would feel better if he were a WR.

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I just traded the 2nd from Achane for Mark Andrews to fill my glaring TE need.
The trade got better.

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