South Beach Draft Outlook

There are a few off season trades floating around and thought draft projections may help.

1st- So Be is locked on 2 RB’s with top 2 picks, Ed is undecided and Zak up next for the 1st and 2.01. The Mystery Man has remained silent.

2nd- I only see Bruisers drafting here aside from Zak.

3rd- Ernest and Village will very likely draft.

That is only 7 picks to be made in 3 rounds from my crystal ball.

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I’ll take the BPA. Who that is, remains to be seen…

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Yeah, many options. Smith-Njigba is up to the #2 rookie spot and then Gibbs, Addison, Flowers and Johnston. I would add Charbonnet at 7 or maybe a bit higher. Landing spots will matter.

Then you have the non keepers to compare with and I expect some very good talent. left out.

Finally are trade options which are difficult to do.

For me I think I would look to trade out of the one spot this year if not for Robinson and Gibbs.

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Even drafting third, I can find value there.

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Granted but it is just so very different from The WRs last year. For example, I traded Jameson for a #1, ending up at 1.04 but for our league Robinson.

If it was not Robinson it was a bad trade as Jameson, in my view, would be better than any other rookie. Tuff to adjust.

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FYI There will be a suggestion to increase the teams number of keepers in 2024.

Managers are having a rough time in keeping only 8 players. Rule changes in keepers have to be done a year in advance to allow managers to adjust.

We will vote on a choice of going to 10 keepers or 12 keepers with the roster going to 18. I know going to 10 will be approved but not sure on 12 and the roster of 18.

We will discuss and decide later this year. Just a head’s up.

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That’s fine with me. Smaller leagues should have larger rosters, IMO. Otherwise, the waiver wire becomes a “get rich quick” scheme.


True but the bigger rosters diminish the available talent in the draft for the lower teams to improve. It is a balancing act.

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Not really. That means you depend on the draft even more to improve your roster.

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Sorry tried to post while chewing gum. lol

Meant to say more keepers- draft and bigger rosters- waivers but was in a rush and combined them.

I think 10 is the right number to go with for next year. We increase rosters fro 15 to 16 this year and thinking that would work for 2024.

Kevin and the three he brought with him from his dynasty league wanted to start with 10-12. So with you, Zak and myself that will be a done deal but they like the waiver action and smaller rosters.

The discussion/debate will come on going to 12 keepers and a roster of 18 and I can see both sides.

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