Latest trade: Waddle for Swift

In my keeper league, South Beach and I just completed a trade: I gave up Jaylen Waddle and the 2024 3.3 pick for D’Andre Swift and the 2024 3.7 and 2025 2.4 picks.

Let’s review this trade with how they did last year: Waddle had 162.6 points, while Swift had 179.8. Advantage Swift.

However, Swift tailed off at the end of last season and Waddle didn’t. I would excuse this because the entire Eagles offense went into a nosedive. But we’ll toss the advantage to Waddle for now.

Who’s ahead of Swift on the Eagles depth chart? Nobody, although they do tend to go with the “hot hand”. Regardless, most weeks, Swift was the leader. On the other hand, for Miami, Tyreek Hill is “the man”, which limits Waddle’s upside unless Hill is hurt. Advantage Swift on this one.

The icing on the cake: I upgraded from a 3rd round pick to a 2nd round pick. Advantage me.

Overall, I feel good about this trade. Even if Swift gets hurt, I still have a decent 2nd round pick to replace him next year.

You’re happy with it, and that’s all that matters.

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I enjoy chess where you see the whole board and future moves. I’ve also labeled it details and dominoes.

This board shows 2 things affecting the 3.03 pick. Declared keepers make this the #12 overall actual pick, which was important to me.

Second, we went from 12 to 10 teams with the rosters of the dissolved teams added to this draft, making it special We all know there are 4 top rookies but we added A J Brown, Barkley, D J Moore, K Walker, Dell, Rice, Burrows, and Stroud.

I control the top pick and Harrison. This second pick gets me one of the remaining 11 of the 12 I needed. Mission Accomplished.

Future moves, I turned Waddle into Gibbs. Not as good as water to wine but in fantasy, close. :slight_smile: I just reversed the trade made by the other trader here.

I am very happy with the trade results and cannot imagine anyone not being,

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I traded the #3 pick and Rochon for Jon Taylor and Kelce in another chess trade.

In dynasty Odunze is a better value than Taylor and an old Kelce. However, I really like RB Brooks and planned on taking him with pick #12.

He is jumping up the ranks and that was not gonna do it. The trade allows me to deal Pollard for the #8 spot which will and Kelce will get me another good pick or a good value with Kincaid and Ferguson for now.