South Beach Pick & Trade Values

Our league is a 10 keeper hybrid and draft pick values are much different than the ones in redraft or dynasty. I was asked to explain the differences and decided to get get other opinions first.

Our big difference is that up to 100 players, including most of the best are removed from the draft as keepers. This does not leave a whole lot left.

Our top picks project to be Robinson, Gibbs and 3 WRs. Forget #1.
Gibbs is a top prospect, as was Hall and ETN picked in the 4th round last year.
The WRs are not as good as last year when the top ones were late rounders.

These choices also cost you the same round pick to keep, vs dynasty.

I do not see a lot of value past the top few picks and trading for one is a roll of the dice. Top 2-3 pick- VG trade, Below that- Bad trade, depending the cost.

Agree or disagree?

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Trade values was also a question on name players who are older. For most in our league guys like Cook, Conner. Mixon, Henry, Allen, etc. have little value with managers wanting to get younger. They will be cut or traded for little as the cost of keeping them is a top pick.

Trades here are not surface player for player deals but those where details and dominoes make the trade. Our trades involve freeing a pick, being able to keep a player and being able to drop the cost of a player. Different than other leagues.

Agree or disagree?

One question: How long after the draft will the waiver wire open?

Iā€™m pretty sure we drafted on Sunday and were bidding on waiver picks Tuesday.

I checked history and we did have waivers right after the draft, awarded Sept. 7.

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