I Finally Traded Swift

I still like the player and believe he can do well. I just grew very tired of having to deal with the continuing saga of injury, playing time and what the Lions are doing.

I got a 1 and a 2 in 2024 with a 2nd this year. I don’t see anything special coming from this 2nd but next year can be depending on where the picks land. I thought it was fair and worth the shot.

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You got a steal. Well done!

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Thanks Ed but I think the jury will be out for some time.

In our draft I could end up with a 5 or 6 pick and not sold on anyone after the top 4.picks.
Next year I see about the same. Depends on where the picks are.

All in all I am good with the deal though.

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I also picked up Henry for landing spot insurance. Seeing some rumors from Jax that Etienne is not their guy and they may go RB. Also there is now a chance that my 1-2 draft does not fall in place.

Gotta love this game.

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Judging trades can prove out to be very misleading. The above trade appears to favor me, as Ed pointed out. Not mentioned details are my keeping Swift until after the draft which brings his keeper cost to a 5th and my sending a 5th which Tim needed to keep Pierce. Tim gets 2 young top 20 RBs for a 2 and 1, 2 in 2024.
Looks different now.

I traded my late #1 Mixon, who had a good year, for 2nd Swift who did not. Bad deal for me.

In our hybrid league this also gave me my 1st pick back who will be Gibbs.
The Swift trade gives me a #2 this year with a 1 & 2 next year.

End result for now is I get #1 Gibbs, a #2 and a 1 with a 2 next year for Mixon.
Far from a bad deal. Just as I planned it. :slight_smile:

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