Trade… SHOULD I?

Someone just pushed a trade offer on to me.

They want C Huntley and they would give TJ. Hockenson. Should I accept?

You might try countering with a banana for Hockenson, since the other owner is obviously less evolved than the typical fantasy football owner.

Why would he offer a top 10 TE for a fourth-string RB?

I thought so, I thought he was joking… but the trade actually came through.

But…… TJ being a tight end, this league I am in, it doesn’t require a TE. It’s (2) Flex Spots and they can be TE, WR, and RB…

But still, top 10 TE for 3rd/4th string RB?

This is another reason why I asked. I wanted to make sure I was NOT missing anything in the news.


Oh, well, that helps to explain it then. You should maybe include important and unusual league info like that when posing the question.

I appreciate that. Well, then with all of that being said… what’s your thoughts on the trade?

Meh, they’re probly both useless if TE isn’t required. There aren’t many TEs you can count on to hit double digits in any given week like most WRs will do–at least in PPR scoring (but then that’s another important detail about your league that you left out when first soliciting advice)–and Hockenson isn’t one of them. He had one 36 point day when every other Lion skill player was out, and hasn’t hit double digits in any other game so far. I doubt if he sees any MORE targets in the Vikings’ offense than he did in Detroit’s, so I would hope you’re never in a position to have to start either one of the players in this trade.