Should I make any moves post draft?

Hey guys,

Had my draft yesterday and just wanted some advice on if I should make any moves. Here is my team:

QB: Burrow, Lance
RB: Najee Harris, Barkley, Jacobs
WR: Mike Williams, McLaurin, Juedy, Cooper, Kirk, Devonta Smith, Dotson
TE: Tonyan, Henry

I know right now I am weak at TE. But I feel that I shouldn’t make a move yet because of how TE7/8 through to the guys I’ve got could be as good as each other. So may be smart to wait and see on that

I’m happy with my RB’s but wouldn’t mind owning another backfield.
I’m pretty happy with my Receivers except for McLaurin. He’s the one I am just not sure of given his situation. Was thinking of maybe trading him for Juju and Kareem Hunt (the owner of those two is keen to move them). Thoughts on that?

Any other advice on moves I should make? Or guys you think I should be trading for?


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Welcome back!

Overall, your team looks good.

If you want a cheap TE solution, pick up Isaiah Likely. Talk out of Baltimore is that he could become their third receiving option. The kid catches everything (he didn’t drop a single target in preseason).

On the other hand, you might be able to package McLaurin and one of your TE’s for a better TE.

On TE, you either have one of the top 5 guys, or you can as well stream the position. Whether you start the TE#8 or TE#18 hardly makes a difference in terms of fantasy points.

You have a high-upside guy there in Robert Tonyan. If he can stay healthy, he might enjoy a decent season, thanks to the Packers being short-staffed on the receiver side, and Tonyan having earned Rodgers’ trust before.

You can never have too many RBs, but you indeed look pretty strong there.

I’m not, to be brutally honest. You didn’t tell us the scoring format, and how many WRs you have to start. But this position is your weak spot, because not a single of your WRs screams “target hog”.

Your best WR in my PPR rankings is Mike Williams, and I have him at WR#22. Your only hope is that Jeudy goes through the roof, but most seem to see Sutton as the favorite for the #1 target in Denver.

If you can get a good trade for McLaurin, trade him. I don’t see anything good happen in Washington this year. However, JuJu and Hunt aren’t really players I am high on, either, and I wouldn’t call that a good trade. I’d rather take my chances on a player like Chris Olave, even though that’s pretty speculative in redraft formats.

Also, keep an eye on players like Romeo Doubs or KJ Osborn, who should be on your waiver wire if this is a redraft league and your rosters aren’t any deeper than what you posted above.

And on RB, if this is PPR, Nyheim Hines should be firmly on your watch list.

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Hey Matt, I agree that your WRs are not good at all. Burks is one I like. He fell through the cracks in most drafts after an injured and rough preseason but has no one in Tenn, standing in his way for a ton of targets, If Henry gets hurt they may wear him out.

I really dislike McLaurin, Had him in a VG league last year, did not work, could not trade him for a ham sandwich and cut him, Hope you have better luck.

Even if Burks is an AJ brown level talent, there is the problem of the Titans offense. Look at what Brown did last season. If that is what we can expect from Burks, then we are settling for mediocrity. If you can’t run with the football in Tennessee, then you need to look elsewhere.

Disagree and a zero cost upgrade off waivers. I took Burks in a few leagues and think he will do well this year and more in future. I expect a new QB next year

The QB is likely Malik Willis, who will probably run at the first sign of pressure. Not good for WR’s.

Is he a top draft pick?

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Yes. Not first round, but high enough to make the Titans want to give him a shot, especially with Ryan Tannehill nearing the end of the line. Plus he had a solid preseason.